Ranveer-Ishani’s “Milan” motives to be out…


meri aash

Ishani gets ready for her sajan while the song Sajna Na Mujhe plays. Ishani wants to woo Ranveer and decorates herself with bangles and make up. Ranveer is in no mood to leave his arrogance. Ishani hugs him and tries to make him feel her love. Their milan is incomplete, as something is stopping Ranveer from coming closer to Ishani. Ishani tries to make Ranveer smile and get him over Milan’s fact.


Later on, Ranveer and Ishani organize a party for his parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. Ishani recalls the moments when Ranveer made love promises. Her dream will end, as Ranveer present there is actually Milan. Milan will be ruining the party by bringing some twist. Ishani does not know he is Milan. Milan is angry for what his parents did with him, and wants to make this story seen by everyone to make them feel his pain. His parents made Milan orphan and give him away to someone. Milan gets some kids to perform and kids will be showing what all Milan has been bearing till now. The performance will be shaking their souls. Milan would be playing safe till his aim to make his parents realize their mistake completes. Will Milan’s hatred ruin Ishani’s happiness? Keep reading.


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