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Raman thinks Ishita is free of Shagun and thanks the doctor. Mrs. Bhalla and everyone are also thankful to the doctor. They light the diyas and fire the crackers happily. Raman and his family were happy and celebrating Diwali, but this night turns out to be Amavasya for Raman. Shagun’s soul has attacked Raman and makes Silbatta/hand grinder fall on his head from terrace, but Mata Rani saves Raman and he gets slightly injured.

Bhabhi Ji:

Angoori and Anita celebrate Diwali with crackers and lamps. Angoori has got well. Tiwari cried and thought that how he will celebrate Diwali without Angoori. She gets well after eating the kada and gets back to her old self. Vibhuti gets happy thinking he was saved else he had to take care of the small girl and do her kanyadaan then the situation would have been odd.


Ishani gets ready for her sajan while the song Sajna Na Mujhe plays. Ishani wants to woo Ranveer and decorates herself with bangles and make up. Ranveer is in no mood to leave his arrogance. Ishani hugs him and tries to make him feel her love. Their milan is incomplete, as something is stopping Ranveer from coming closer to Ishani. Ishani tries to make Ranveer smile and get him over Milan’s fact. It is yet to be seen if he is really Ranveer or Milan.


Akshara came to know that Naksh lied to her in Goa. She cries and shares her pain with Naitik. She is shocked to know that Naksh has stolen Akshara’s necklace for Tara. Naksh is exposed infront of Akshara, and knows about his lies. Akshara blames herself for Naksh’s doings and tells Naitik that she has failed as a mother. Naitik tries to give her strength and wipes her tears. He tells we have tried to give good values from our side. Will Naksh confesses to his doings and lies?


Rajneesh Walia is repenting to marry. Sumit’s mum Dolly points gun at him and laughs. His bride threatens him while taking pheras. She refuses to marry him. Sumit and his wife couldn’t stop laughing. This marriage track is going to entertain the viewers.


Ragini’s drama has started again, she is acting to sacrifice and then asking Swara to unite with Laksh. Ragini tells Swara that she will tell her truth to family members. Swara is believing Ragini and thinks she has turned good. Ragini tells Swara that her memory is back, but she didn’t tell anything to family. Swara questions her why she has not informed family about regaining her memory. Ragini makes excuses and traps Swara in her cunning words. She tells that she wants to unite her with Laksh and then will tell her truth to family. Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor will appear in Swaragini to promote their film and Salman will make Swara learn love chapter ( Prem ka Paath). Ragini asks Swara to give a chance to Laksh.


Dhaani slaps Viplav before hearing him. Viplav came to Ashram with band baaja to tell her that they have won the Ashram case and Ashram is in their name now. Dhaani does not let him speak and is mistaken about his intentions. Viplav is shocked to get slapped by her.


Vasundara gives gold coins to Thapki and Dhruv’s to be wife Shraddha during the dhanteras festival. Thapki is happy. Bihaan asks Shraddha about making Suman and Preeti fall. He finds her act bad and doubts on her goodness, as she pretends infront of everyone. Bihaan wonders if Shraddha is right girl for Dhruv or not.


Indravati is provoked by Siddhant and Amar. She rages and tells Prem that she will kill him. She will make her family shake with fear and no one will be able to save them. She has kidnapped Prem and is mad about him. Indravati cuts Prem’s hand and his blood drops fall on the ground. Siddhant loves Prem a lot and tries to stop Indravati from attacking Prem. He makes Indravati faint and takes her outside. But his plan fails, as she is a Daayan. She chants some lines and makes Siddhant and Amar fall down. Bharadwaj family is always there for each other, and gets afraid that the family can make her lose in the game.


Sandhya tells Bhabho that she will manage home very well and is excited to become a good bahu again. Bhabho has challenged her to do all the household work for 24 hours, without anyone’s help. Sandhya does all the work… cooking and managing kids. She lifts the water pots and takes pots to kitchen. Bhabho has made Meenakshi turn into a spy to keep an eye on Sandhya. Meenakshi says Sandhya can’t cheat in my presence and acts like a detective. Sandhya’s test will be bringing some happy moments in the show.


Everyone will know the person who is doing all the evil plotting in the palace. Gayatri gets shocked seeing Badi Rani. The black shadow is known to Gayatri now. Badi Rani wants to snatch the throne from Gayatri. Bada Rani tells Gayatri that she will not let her settle with Rana ji and not let them unite. It will be tough, but Gayatri will surely make Rana ji believe this bitter truth and save themselves from Badi Rani.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi has got a very cheerful moment in her life. She makes Nimboli ready and sets her hair pleats. She hugs Nimboli and blesses her. Anandi is very happy as she was waiting for some quality moments with her daughter Nandini. It is emotional moment for Anandi. Nimboli is ready for Dhanteras. Dadisaa gives Nimboli a gold necklace. Nimboli happily hugs Dadisaa, as its first time someone has given her a beautiful gift. Anandi waits for the biggest gift this Diwali, when Nimboli calls her Maa….

Mere Angne Mein:

Shivam and Amit beat up Sujeev, Vyom and Mama ji. Pari has married Sujeev, but Sharmili does not welcome her well. Sharmili taunts her a lot, then Pari’s brothers come there. Shivam and Amit do not know whom did Pari marry, Vyom or Sujeev. Pari signs towards Vyom, Sujeev and Mama ji. Shivam beats Mama ji. Mama ji stops Shivam and says I m the groom’s Mama. Shivam leaves him, and asks Pari to tell the truth. Shivam and Amit beat Sujeev. Sujeev gets angry and beats Shivam. Sujeev says this is my home and kicks Shivam and Amit out. Shanti and Raghav do not know about Pari’s marriage till now.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer to know about Ishaan being his son. He sees Madhavi hugging Ishaan in Meher’s house, and talking to him. He gets suspicious when he hears Meher and Madhavi’s conversation about hiding truth from him. He questions Madhavi what they are hiding from him, and gives his promise. Madhavi breaks down and informs him that Ishaan is his son. Abeer looks on surprisingly. What will be Abeer’s reaction now?


    On the diwali night,sarika,ashok and shagun will plan to throw the cement on raman and everyone will think that still ishita is not free from Shagun’s spirit,when ishita will hear this all than she will be really heartbroken.
    Subbu’s mother will come to see ishita and will shout that SHAGUN IS ALIVE!!!! No one believes her everybody tried to calm her but nobody was believing her but (ishita knew this all) Shagun is alive,Shagun is dead which news is true? None of them are true…but Shuagun have a twin sister which has come back to take revenge from bhalla family for killing her sister….this aatma drama was fake and ishita was not possessed by anyone’s spirit she know that ther is someone who wanted to kill raman so she did this all drama to reveal!!Now the questions are that why ishita didnt tell her close-family members(Mrs Bhalla,raman,amma) and there is still something between shagun and ashok which isnt revealed yet!! There is gonna be a big twist in yhm!! -Tellywood Forum its really a great forum of spoilers!! Check it out just one time!!

  2. KKB
    bulbul is gonna quit KKB on 1st december cuz she’s getting married (pragya and bulbul are sisters in real life) bulbul also quit her previous drama on star plus on 1st december lol!!-Tellywood Forum


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