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YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN -The chemistry of lead pair Raman – Ishita is a treat to watch along with the bonding shown of their onscreen children Adi & Ruhi. Though for the time being the track is changed and not much of their nok-jkok is shown but still it is entertaining. The current track focusing on supernatural /possession of Shagun spirit on Ishita, which off course is drama played by shagun, Ishita, ACP Abhishek and Dr. Pratik. The changed equation of Ishita and Shagun is an awesome one. When it comes to safety of their children, no matter what kind of problems both these mothers have among each other,they are always alert .With the character of Shagun turning totally positive, it would interesting to watch how Raman bhalla would react when the whole truth of such a big drama will come into foray.

It would be interesting to watch how the track unfolds later on. Will Ishita, Shagun, along with ACP Abhishek be able to trap evil Ashok Khanna to confess to his deeds? And how the murder mystery of Rinki is unfolded?Yeh Hai Mohabbatein track on possession is being dragged though but now with plot getting revealed is getting more interesting. But as a fan we do want to watch the chemistry of lead pairs.

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