TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Gayatri dances in her palace on the song Diwani hogayi hai…….Gayatri is dancing and is in love with Rana ji. She is jealous and is helpless to express her love. It is Sulakshana’s planning to make Gayatri dance on her birthday. Rana ji sees Gayatri dancing without any hesitation and is surprised. Sulakshana thought that she will insult Gayatri and make her feel down, but Gayatri wins everyone heart with her superb dance. Sulakshana is plotted in the palace to separate Gayatri and Rana ji by Badi Rani, but it will not continue for long. Rana ji comes forward and holds Gayatri from falling down. They have an eye lock.


Gaura is smiling after immersing Kokila in water after hiding her in a big box, beneath the idol. Gopi comes to know that Kokila is in the box and decides to rescue Kokila. Kokila feels hard to sustain in water. Urmila tries to take her out of water and throws the rope. Dharam and Gaura’s plan fails when Gopi and Urmila manage to save Kokila from drowning. Meera thinks blood relations can’t be forgotten, and she will save her family whenever they are in danger. Gopi along with Meera and Vidya saves Kokila and jumps in the water to save Kokila. Meera tells Vidya that her mum can’t be right and asks her to stop seeing world from Gopi’s perspective. Vidya thinks she can’t break her relation with Meera and thinks to make her walk on the right path. Dharam will attack Ahem soon.


Shanti is torturing her family and tells Kaushalya that she is not her bahu. Riya did something which creates a big misunderstanding. Shantastarts acting and tries to wash her sins for the penance. Kaushalya gives her promise and asks her not to put even a drop water on her. She pours full cold water bucket on herself and wash all the sins.


Thapki’s hand gets injured and it starts bleeding. Bihaan rushes to bandage her hand and cares for her wound. Even though Bihaan is in love with her, but stays silent. However his care towards Thapki shows his loves for her. Thapki wonders what God wants. Dhruv performs the rituals of Dhanteras with his to be wife Shraddha, while Bihaan and Thapki do the rituals together as a couple. Diwali celebrations begins at their house, and Shraddha made rangoli to please Dadimaa. Before Dadimaa praise Shraddha, baby goat Ram pyaari spoils the rangoli. Thapki corrects the rangoli with home remedies. Bihaan doesn’t want Shraddha to be in Dhruv’s life and doing this conspiracy. Thapki is also celebrating Diwali at her new house. She is not happy though and is surprised and shocked. She didn’t know about the ritual of Yam Ka Diya, in which a mum lights the diya and the son shouldn’t see that diya. She is surprised to see Bihaan covering Dhruv and stopping him to see the diya. She didn’t know that Bihaan is their adopted son. Shraddha did a conspiracy against Thapki and is successful.


Subbu’s mum tells Ishita that she has seen Shagun in a taxi and was wearing burqa. She came to give this news to Raman and everyone, but Ishita stops her. She calls Shagun and informs her that Subbu’s mum has seen her in taxi. Shagun and Ishita’s truth have come out in open. Ishita requests the lady not to tell anything to anyone. The lady is shocked to know that Ishita knows the truth that Shagun is alive. Ishita tells her that someone is trying to kill Raman with Ashok’s help, and says they want to catch the guilty and to protect Raman.


Ravi and Devika dance in the club while they are drunk. Devika being drunk calls him by different names. Ravi gets tensed. He is waiting for the day when Devika confesses her feelings to him.


The drama is going on at Sarojini’s house during karvachauth. Karvachauth is not still not over at their house. Dushyant and his 100 crore bahu are throwing tantrums. Manu asks Somendra to break her fast only and not of Sarojini. Somendra gives her a good reply and blames Dushyant for her drama. He tells her that he is Sarojini’s husband and will break her fast only. Manu thinks she has brought Somendra so he has to obey her orders. Sangram Singh has kidnapped all the family members during Manu’s godbharayi rasam and asks Somendra to be with Manu. Somendra is acting to love Manu to bring out her truth that she has acted to be pregnant with Somendra’s child. Then Nirjhara calls the Police and asks him to save them. When Sangram Singh points gun at family, Somendra points gun on Manu. Finally Sangram Singh tries to take Manu from there.


Akshara and her family are doing Lakshmi puja during Diwali celebrations. Akshara wears beautiful saree for the festival. Naksh plans to visit Tara’s house and is upset that he is unable to meet her. Akshara. Akshara is against crackers and want to celebrate safe Diwali. Tara’s Dada ji comes to their house and tells about the alliance of Tara and Naksh. Dada ji comes to know about Tara’s love for Naksh and agrees. Akshara gets worried and is surprised to see Dada ji’s reaction knowing their love. It might be Dada ji’s conspiracy to take revenge from them.


Sandhya and Sooraj paint the wall before Diwali. Sandhya is happy and is content with her life. They have decided to color their house hold leaving all the troubles at bay. Then something happens which Sandhya feels is wrong and gets worried.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer leaves a letter for Meher and takes Ishaan with him to spend quality time with him for the lost years. Meher panics and gets worried for Ishaan, Meanwhile Ishaan and Abeer spend some good time together. Abeer tells Ishaan that his mum did one big mistake and that’s she has chosen guy like Akshat. Ishaan gets angry at Abeer and says he likes Akshat. Abeer feels helpless that he can’t tell his truth to his own son, and feels bad when Ishaan calls him uncle.



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