Sarla to turn Sadhvi; Amit gets kidnapped…



Shanti is saddened by Pari’s sudden marriage. She asks Preeti to leave her job and be at home. Shanti makes sure Nimmi and Preeti does not run away to ruin their respect. Mohit asks Preeti to meet him once. Shanti is torturing her family and tells Kaushalya that she is not her bahu. Riya did something which creates a big misunderstanding. Shantastarts acting and tries to wash her sins for the penance. Kaushalya gives her promise and asks her not to put even a drop water on her. She pours full cold water bucket on herself and wash all the sins.


Later on, Sarla comes as Sadhvi to Shanta Sadan. She says she has become Sadhvi and realized all her mistakes. She gives a Pravachan and tells Shanti why she has taken this step. Shanti is worried seeing Sarla’s new step. There is something fishy. Sarla knows Amit has taken 5 lakhs loan. The goons have kidnapped Amit. Sarla is trying to arrange 5 lakhs by becoming Sadhvi. Will Sarla succeed in easing out money from Kaushalya and Shanti? Keep reading.


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