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Median zing spoilers


Sarla comes as Sadhvi to Shanta Sadan. She says she has become Sadhvi and realized all her mistakes. She gives a Pravachan and tells Shanti why she has taken this step. Shanti is worried seeing Sarla’s new step. There is something fishy. Sarla knows Amit has taken 5 lakhs loan. The goons have kidnapped Amit. Sarla is trying to arrange 5 lakhs by becoming Sadhvi. Will Sarla succeed in easing out money from Kaushalya and Shanti?


Bhallas keep a Shanti Havan to make Shagun’s ghost away from Ishita’s body. Raman and entire family do the puja to get peace in the home. The pandit does the puja. Sarika is the real culprit. Ishita and Shagun is trying to find the member in Bhalla family, who is giving all info to Ashok. Simmi comes home tensed when the havan is going on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi about the tension. The family will be shocked to know Ishita and Shagun’s drama. Mrs. Bhalla wonders Simmi is hiding something. Ishita and Shagun get to know Sarika is the real problem hidden in Bhalla house, and hope the Shanti Havan brings Sarika’s truth out.


Mohit goes to Lalima’s sweet shop. Mohit has ignited fire in Lalima’s shop. He takes revenge from Lalima, after she slapped him. Sooraj comes there and sees Lalima’s sweet shop burning. Mohit starts acting as if he too came just now.. Sooraj understands Mohit has done this. Everyone come there. They panic seeing the fire. They blow off the fire and then deal with Mohit. Sooraj and Mohit get into an argument. Sooraj asks Mohit why did he do this. Mohit denies it. Sooraj confronts him and says he has seen Mohit doing this.


Sangram has punished Naksh, as Naksh has tried to get inside their home to meet Tara. Sangram and Vikram scold Naksh and ask how dare he get inside their house, what relation he has with Tara. They beat up Naksh by taking him to isolated place. Naksh fights with them, but could not manage alone. Akshara gets to know about Naksh being in problem and rushes there. Naksh gets badly injured. Akshara sees the goons beating Naksh and takes a stick to beat the goons. She scolds and beats the goons. Sangram asks is she mad to come in between the men fight. She asks them not to touch her son. She scares them with the stick and her anger. Sangram, Vikram and the men leave. Akshara cries seeing Naksh wounded and waits for some help. She then takes him to hospital.


After solving Pintu Ghosh and Malhotra’s scam in Leela hospital, Roshni now tackles Dr. Kamal’s unethical patient pulling techniques. She confronts Dr. Kamal for misleading the patients and getting angioplasty done unnecessarily. Dr. Kamal accepts his doings and tells about his aim to achieve the figures every week. She gets into an argument with Dr. Kamal, Rajat and Mona. Roshni maintains her stand for ethical run of Leela hospital. Parvati’s mother gets heart attack and is rushed to Leela hospital. Parvati asks Roshni about the cost of the entire treatment. Roshni tells Parvati about the surgery costing around 10 lakhs. Roshni talks to Rajat about waiving a part of the amount.


Gayatri was alone in party, but post party. Rana ji sees her leaving from the party and goes after her. Rana ji hugs Gayatri seeing her crying. On the other hand, someone did conspiracy and locked Raj Mata. Raj Mata shouts for help and does not know who has dared to do this. Yashoda rescues her. Badi Rani has done all this. Raj Mata senses few things getting wrong in the palace and decides something. Raj Mata is sending Rana ji and Gayatri to Darjeeling to keep them away from Badi Rani’s plans. It will be interesting to see the drama after Rana ji and Gayatri reach Darjeeling.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani lights the crackers, while the Birla family celebrates Diwali. Gauri reacts seeing the crackers and starts panicking. Suhani holds Gauri seeing her faint. Gauri recalls her childhood moment, where she was playing with her brothers. Gauri fainted seeing the crackers during her childhood too, and similar thing happened now. Suhani does not understand what’s Mili murmuring. Suhani is close to bring out Gauri’s blood relations with Birla family.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki gets suspicious about Shraddha, after getting her Jhumka in Preeti’s room. She thinks Shraddha has locked Preeti in cupboard. Dulari spoils rangali made by Shraddha. Thapki fixes the rangoli smartly and everyone praise her. Shraddha gets angry and plans to injure Thapki by hot ghee. Shraddha calls Thapki to storeroom and makes the hot ghee tin fall on Thapki. Thapki was taking the ghee for lighting diya, but gets injured. Bihaan worries for Thapki and takes care of her. Bihaan and Thapki team up to prove Shraddha guilty of hurting Thapki and Preeti.

Jamai Raja:

Sid has died, and Sid’s look alike has entered the show. Sid is present in Ramleela, where Roshni got Ayesha to show the play. Roshni did not see Sid’s lookalike till now, it will be big twist. Sid’s lookalike is completely different, his attires and mannerisms. Sid’s lookalike says the Ramleela lines in funny way and turns the play into a laugh riot. He plays Hanuman in Ramleela and everyone like the cool modern avatar of Hanuman, who wears jeans and tees.

Balika Vadhu:

Harki meets Akhiraj and tells him about the financial problems. She is unable to pay workers’ wages. He asks her to keep their home mortgaged and settle the wages. Kamli pays the wages to the workers, and Harki learns this. Dadisaa gets glad seeing Diwali celebrations at her haveli. She orders a similar necklace like the one she gifted Nimboli. Akhiraj takes Badri’s aid and sends him to relieve tensions of Harki.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer spends quality time with Ishaan during their day out. Meher gets tensed and doubts on Abeer’s intentions. Suman reminds her that Abeer is Ishaan’s father and will take care of him. This comment annoys Devki and Akshat. Later Abeer comes home with Ishaan and gifts him guitar. Ishaan sings Mere Nishan song, and tells Meher that he made girl friend also. Ishaan tells Meher that he wanted to make her feel what he felt after knowing that she kept his son away from him for 8 years. Meher replies back that Ishaan is her son only as she has taken care of him day and night and at the time of need. Abeer rues and wishes to get back his son.



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