Ragini’s determined tactics to ruin Swara by using LOVE…



Ragini wants to get Laksh anyhow. Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini were playing some games. Laksh wins 50000rs in game and they together start planning how to party with the prize cash. Swara likes happy moment in Diwali. The pandit asks Swara and Ragini to do the Dhanteras puja, as they are the new bahus of the family. Swara feels awkward and has to do puja with Sanskaar, while Laksh gets angry seeing them.

Ragini still feels her love is right. She says she has bear a lot in her love. Laksh has left her and even Sanskaar cheated her in their partnership. Swara’s love was the reason for all this. She determines to use this love to ruin Swara. She plans to snatch everything from Swara, and use love as her weapon. Ragini’s innocent acting has fooled Swara once again. She makes Laksh and Sanskaar against each other to fight for Swara’s love. After all the good time, the new twist in Diwali is the shocking car blast. Sanskaar’s car will blast and Ragini will be behind this. The blame would go on Laksh. How will Swara manage to save Sanskaar and Laksh from Ragini’s plans this time? Keep reading.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEE0X0BsO_s]


  1. I think Swara and Sanskaar should stay as husband and wife and Swara should start falling for Sanskaar as they both look really good together.
    the story is dragging on too long
    Swara should just accept Sanskaar as husband
    love this show xx
    #SanskaarandSwara xx

  2. absolutely disgusting show and character of ragini is bullshit….and the remaining characters are fools as they trust ragini who tried to kill her sister…its a nonsence show and people should not waste their precious time by watching it…


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