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Gaura and Dharam have tried to kill Kokila. Ahem is getting his anger out on Dharam. He beats Dharam and throws him in cow dung. Ahem says he will not leave Dharam today. Gaura asks Ahem to leave Dharam. Ahem asks her to get lost, and beats Dharam further. He confronts Gaura for planning to kill Kokila. Jigar and Vidya try to stop Ahem. Ahem lost his temper as Dharam and Gaura tried to kill his mother. Kokila is in ICU, and Ahem wants Dharam to land in hospital too. He tells Gaura that he does not raise hand on women, and asks her not to make him helpless. Vidya prays to Kanha ji to make Kokila fine.


Ragini wants to get Laksh anyhow. Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini were playing some games. Laksh wins 50000rs in game and they together start planning how to party with the prize cash. Swara likes happy moment in Diwali. The pandit asks Swara and Ragini to do the Dhanteras puja, as they are the new bahus of the family. Swara feels awkward and has to do puja with Sanskaar. After all the good time, the new twist in Diwali is the shocking car blast. Sanskaar’s car will blast and Ragini will be behind this.


Vasundara is glad to have Shraddha alongwith Dhruv in Diwali function. The family celebrates Diwali. Bihaan suggests some good family fun. The family plays card games. Bihaan and Shraddha outdo each other in the game and try to win. Bihaan gets to know Shraddha is cheating and tries to make her lose. Bihaan asks Thapki to help him, but she refuses to help him saying it would be cheating. Later on, Diwakar comes with Aditi and her family to meet Thapki in her inlaws house. Diwakar announces his marriage with Aditi. Bihaan lifts Diwakar in air and scolds him. Bihaan loves Thapki in heart, and gets angry on Diwakar. Thapki gets a big shock when she sees Aditi has married Diwakar. Thapki could not do anything and sees Diwakar insulting everyone. Aditi tries to insult Bihaan, Thapki and Dhruv to show she is Diwakar’s wife. She also hurts Thapki with bitter words. Bihaan takes a step for Thapki’s family and tackles Diwakar. Thapki will realize Bihaan’s goodness in the Diwali function.


Sarojini does not agree to do Dhanteras puja in her inlaws home. She is angry and hates Dushyant’s evil games. She loves her mum in law and talks in her favor. Sarojini wants every women to get respect. She wants her mum in law to get storeroom’s keys. Dushyant makes someone else do the puja and is not affected by Sarojini’s move. Later on, Sarojini and Somendra do the Laxmi puja. He gets a call and goes out. He does not return and family starts worrying. Sarojini and Somendra’s family cry, as Somendra is kidnapped by Mannu and her dad Sangram Singh. Sarojini has to get Somendra back and do her duty of a good wife. Everyone is upset and start crying. Sarojini will find Somendra anyhow.


Devika and Ravi have a sweet argument. Devika was drunk and scolded Ravi. Now he is confronting her for what she said in anger. Ravi tells her how she has troubled him in night being drunk. Devika says he deserves her tortures. Devika gets annoyed and he tries to convince her.


Diwali preparations are going on. Bhabho is decorating the home. Mohit is planning against Lalima. Sooraj is in tension as he has to give money to Mohit. Sandhya gives the gifts to everyone. Sandhya distributes diwali gifts and does not know diwali night will turn dark for them. Sooraj looks on and is worried. The family was happy for the Sooraj’s new shop inauguration. Sooraj is in dilemma thinking whether he should give money to Mohit, or just go ahead with the new shop. Bhabho gives the Karchi to Sooraj to begin his work again. Bhabho wants to get Lalima married. Mohit is going to die in the show soon.

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do:

Preet is hurt and her foot got a sprain. The doctor suggested her to take someone’s support to walk, and not put pressure on her foot. Ishaan feels he should be with her, as she has always kept good care of the family. Ishaan takes care of Preet, and she gets glad by his humble efforts. Their love is strong and will be realized by Ishaan soon.


Suhani gets a cow for the Govardhan puja. They all try to make the cow happy, but the cow is angry. Yuvraaj moves back as cow hits him while he feeds the cow. Suhani does the arrangements for the puja. Menka is interested to know her future and shows her hand to fortune teller.


Chakor and Imli could not meet, as Chunni comes in between. Chunni meets Chakor’s family. Chakor has hidden her identity as she is blamed for Vaishnavi’s murder. Chakor manages to meet Kasturi. Chakor plans to scare Chunni by telling about Chakor’s jail punishment and legal case going on her. Chakor assumes Chunni will get scared of imprisonment,and speak her truth out that she is Chakor’s lookalike. Bhaiya ji sees Chunni behaving weird and manages the situation, to make Chakor’s family accept Chunni as Chakor.

Tu Mera Hero:

The show gets a happy ending, with a family union. Titu and Panchi’s show is getting off air. A baby has come in Titu and Panchi’s life, and their family has got complete. Agarwal family is united and will live happily.


Rana ji and Gayatri have golden moments. They together do the diwali puja. Gayatri gets very glad. Maha aarti is going on and happiness has spread in the palace. Diwali has brought the happiness in their lives. The suspense comes, when Rana ji gets a money briefcase. Raj Mata gets surprise and did not know about it. Rana ji and Gayatri have sweets and smile. Rana ji is in love with Gayatri, and has lit diya with her. He has accepted her and was expressing his wish this way. He wants to return the loan to Gayatri’s dad Seth Govind. Gayatri has made Rana ji fall in his love. Sulakshana gets jealous and thinks for new planning. Gayatri gets aarti close to Sulakshana, and Sulakshana moves back seeing the aarti fire, as mask will start melting. Sulakshana/Jhumki gets scared and lies to Gayatri that she is afraid of fire. Rana ji’s efforts win Gayatri’s heart. She gets proud seeing Rana ji keep their self esteem and repay the loan amount to her dad.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi rests in Pragya’s lap. Abhi tells Pragya that he knows girls, the girls who have money are not alone, but why is she alone. This time his plan is to get the safe keys and money, and behaves well with her. Pragya feels something is fishy. Abhi rests peacefully in her lap and she sees he has slept. She makes him sleep on the cushions and leaves. Abhi has to find some good way to ease out money from Pragya.


Naksh is hospitalized and Tara’s Dada ji has come to see Naksh. He sees Naitik and gets to know he is Naksh’s father. Dada ji passes some taunts. Tara goes to meet Naksh at the hospital, as her friend tells her about Sangram beating Naksh. She gets shattered seeing Naksh’s state and cries. She sees Akshara with Naksh, and still could not stop herself from meeting him.


Raheja family is dancing happily. Ritik and Tanvi are having mehendi function. Tanvi gets ready in beautiful attire. She looks very happy. Ritik has his focus somewhere else. He looks for someone and misses in the function. Ritik’s mother Yamini sets the function mood by getting everyone to dance. Shivanya makes an entry there. The twist is someone misbehaves with Shivanya. Ritik goes to save Shivanya and mehendi function stops. Shivanya and Ritik’s meet will leave Tanvi upset. Naagin will show a new color in mehendi function. Ritik gets a phone call and he goes to attend the call. He sees Shivanya in trouble. He goes upstairs and saves his love. Shivanya and Ritik’s love story will start next.


Raman and Ishita romance in rain while standing near the window. They enjoy the rain together and feel love, recalling their lovely journey till now. Raman smiles and takes Ishita with him to give her a surprise. Mrs. Bhalla happily cooks lunch for Ishita, and Sarika helps her in kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla does not know about Ishita’s secret plan and is very worried for her.


Ghost family to appear infront of Yug inorder to stop him from leaving Palekar Mansion. They appear infront him in an injured state when they were shot 25 years back. He gets shocked to see Ria among them. They have a motive to stop Yug as they feel that he can help them by bringing Peter to Palekar Mansion. They think they can get Mukti once Peter is killed. Yug have an emotional bonding with the ghosts and are shocked to see their condition. Yug will be happy knowing about the ghost family and gets emotional. Suraj and others ask him not to leave house and stays back at Palekar Mansion. Meanwhile Sophia gives Diwali Bonus which makes Yug sad as he thinks Sophia still consider him as her servant. The ghosts family join hands to unite Sophia and Yug and to punish Peter for his crimes.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer helps Ishaan gain self confidence and the strength to fight back when his friends bully him. Later he advices Ishaan to know about her real dad and asks him to insist to see his pic. Ishaan comes home and asks Meher to show his dad’s pic. Meher refuses and is surprised. Abeer comes home and tells Ishaan that his real dad was very handsome and intelligent, and that’s why his mummy had married him. He says that’s why you are smart because of his qualities. Ishaan comes to know that he shares qualities of both parents and thinks he has few qualities of bad Papa. Meanwhile Kuber decides to accept back in Abeer’s life and in their house. He gets happy after knowing about Ishaan. Rati thinks to spoil his happiness and thinks to change his perspective for her advantage.

Sadda Haq:

Sanyukta and Randhir think of their marriage and she opens her heart out on how her dad will never agree for their marriage. They are having this talk around the time of Sanyukta’s brother Ankit engagement. Randhir assures Sanyukta of making sure her dad will agree to their marriage with full heart but there is a catch in his words since he always follow his own instinctive and bold style. Randhir marks his entry just at the time of Ankit’s engagement ceremony with his friends and moreover comes with mangalsutra to make his plans visible to her dad. Sanuykta’s dad gets a shock and is taken aback with Randhir’s entry there while Randhir himself feels confident on realizing his words actually come true – marriage with Sanyukta with her dad’s wishes.

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Dulaari decides to get Dhaani married to Tripurari and declares to everyone that she has accepted Dasharath’s proposal. She says Dhaani will remarry with Tripurari. Dhaani is shocked. Badi Amma thinks Dhaani makes a better match with Viplav and asks Dulaari to reconsider her decision. Dulaari doesn’t want to see Dhaani with Viplav and that’s why taken this decision, Dhaani doesn’t agree at first, but later agrees for Dulaari. Viplav and Dhaani continue to misunderstand each other. During Dhaani’s marriage with Tripurari, Viplav comes to know about Suwarna who is pregnant with Tripurari’s baby. He decides not to let Dhaani’s life ruined and therefore decides to stop the marriage.

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