Yamini decides to kill Naagin; Danger hovers over Ritik…



Raheja family is dancing happily. Ritik and Tanvi are having mehendi function. Tanvi gets ready in beautiful attire. She looks very happy. Ritik has his focus somewhere else. He looks for someone and misses in the function. Ritik’s mother Yamini sets the function mood by getting everyone to dance. Shivanya makes an entry there. The twist comes when Ankush misbehaves with Shivanya. Ritik gets a phone call and he goes to attend the call. He sees Shivanya in trouble. He goes upstairs and saves his love. Shivanya and Ritik’s love story will start next. Ritik’s step to save Shivanya makes him leave the mehendi function. Shivanya and Ritik’s meet leaves Tanvi upset. Naagin will show a new color again in mehendi function. Yamini is protective about Ritik and wants to keep him away from all troubles. Yamini decides to kill the Naagin and talks to Ritik about it. Sesha determines to kill Ritik and make the truth win.


[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbUO-o4BqTw]


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