TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Gayatri gets sad and teary eyed as she is unwell. Rana ji comes to her and makes her have medicine with water. He talks to her and then leaves after making her sleep. Rana ji takes care of his Rani and make her feel that he is with her, and also makes her feel that she is not alone as he is with her. Rana ji spends time with her to cheer her mood. Rana ji is very caring towards Gayatri. He has confessed love to Gayatri and told his first wife that Gayatri is ruling in his heart. Gayatri is going through a tough time because of Sulakshana and Badi Rani that’s why she gets unwell.

Jamai Raja:

Raghu and Roshni get stuck in a lift and start romancing in a filmy style. This is happening because of a cockroach. Roshni gets scared seeing cockroach and jumps towards Raghu. She hugs him being scared. Raghu is the new character who is a Sid’s lookalike. He is very irritating and pathetic towards Roshni. Roshni thinks it is a torture to be stuck with him. Roshni and Raghu’s meetings take Roshni to flashback with Sid. Sid-Roshni equation was interesting and Raghu-Roshni equation is different. Raghu sings Aye Kya Bolti Tu….. . Roshni gets irritating hearing tapori song.


Kokila gains consciousness. Jigar calls the Doctor. Kokila gets up and asks the doctor to call Ahem. Hetal says he will come now. Kokila asks where is he and asks her to call him. Gopi’s prayers are answered and Kokila gets well, but she calls for Ahem. Doctor asks her to calm down. Kokila continuously asks for Ahem and asks where did he go. It is a very serious situation as Kokila was unconscious since many days. She gets worried for her son and felt something wrong is going to happen with him. It is like telepathy between mother and son. She goes to Gaura’s house with Jigar and Hetal in hospital dress itself. They don’t know what they will do and think they will save Ahem. Ahem is in the same hospital and is taking care of Gopi. There will be big blast during Diwali when Gaura will play a big conspiracy against them.


Sarojini is in disguise of a sardar. Somendra is kidnapped. She came to save her Somendra in disguise of a sardar so that nobody can recognize her. Sarojini with much difficulty gets successful in her mission. Sarojini reaches Somendra. Somendra hugs Sarojini. Mannu says she will kill Somendra, while Sarojini is ready to die for Somendra. She comes infront of Somendra to save his life. Dushyant asks Sarojini to shoot Mannu. He hands over the gun to Sarojini. . Mannu aims the gun at Sarojini, while Sarojini aims at Mannu. Sangram Singh will pose danger to Sarojini. Sarojini shoots Mannu to save Somendra. Mannu gets killed. Sarojni regrets to kill her.

Mere Angne Mein:

Mohit comes to meet Preeti. He comes in disguise of Baba and asks for Bhiksha. Preeti gets shocked seeing him and drops the vessel. Sarla and Riya come there. They do not see Mohit. Mohit passes the message to Preeti and leaves.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Prem has lost his memory and says he is not Prem. Simar’s last help has gone. Indravati has killed Guru ji. Simar tries to make Prem recall his identity. Indravati is not getting her Thakur, so she is trying a lot.


Ishani applies haldi to Milan as per the rituals, and everyone dance around them. Milan is falling for Ishani, as she cares for him a lot. Milan feels her genuine concern. Ranvir is hospitalized. Milan comes to the hospital to see Ranvir. Ranvir has met with an accident and is fighting with his death. The nurse removes the bandage from his face. Ranvir gets breathless and nurse calls the doctor. The doctor calls Ishani and asks her to talk to Ranvir, as no medicine is working on Ranvir. Ranvir hears Ishani’s voice and reciprocates.

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Raman and Ishita have some romantic moment. They sit for the Tamilain ritual. She makes Raman sit in the basket and applies some haldi to him. She puts milk on him. They dress in Tamilian attire. Raman is very happy to see Ishita normal. But his happiness gets short lived. Ishita dresses as Shagun again and serves the family lunch. Simmi comes back after meeting Ashok. Ishita asks her where did she go. Simmi lies. Ishita tells everyone that Simmi has gone to meet her boyfriend Ashok. This shocks Raman and the family. Ishita as Shagun, confronts Simmi about meeting Ashok to know the reason and truth.


Mohit has died in the show. Sandhya does not tell this to Bhabho. Bhabho is unwell and then brought to the hospital. Sandhya sees the tag with Mohit’s name and calls a ward boy. Sandhya hides Mohit’s dead body from Bhabho and the entire family. Sandhya does not want her family to get surrounded by sorrow. Sooraj knows the truth and cries. He does not tell this shocking thing to Bhabho. Babasa and Bhabho then come to know about Mohit’s death. They can’t express the pain. Pari has the most difficult time seeing Mohit’s death. Sandhya will find out about Mohit’s death, whether it was a suicide or murder. She goes to the spot and checks throwing a dummy inside the well. Her staff helps her in investigating the suicide case.


Swara, Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini are doing diwali puja. Swara prays for everyone, and Ragini is planning something new. Swara gets a sacred thread to tie to a book. Ragini makes everyone think that Swara is after Laksh and Sanskaar. Swara divides the thread for Sanskaar and a book. Ragini creates confusion in Sanskaar’s mum Annapurna’s mind. She tells about Swara’s double game to have both Laksh and Sanskaar in her lives. Annapurna finds it very cheap trick of Swara and believes Ragini. Swara ties the thread to Sanskaar. This thread will save Sanskaar from bomb blast. Ragini will be kidnapped and new twist will come.

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  1. I started hating the show swaragini..Ragini is such an idiot , stupid girl.. Can’t tolerate her.. Jamai raja has become interesting but I think is raghu only sid .. B’coz kunj said it in the mahasangam epi.. I think he is acting to be raghu to expose Shabnam..


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