Naksh and Tara’s Roka to happen; Things to change…



Naitik invited Dada ji and his family for lunch. Naksh’s proposal is getting fixed. Naitik and Akshara fix his marriage with Naksh’s love Tara. Tara’s Dada ji brings the proposal of Tara for Naksh. He gets shagun and meets Singhania family. Dada ji hears the women talking about making less food. Dada ji gets angry and asks all of his relatives to leave. Akshara apologizes and requests them not to go, as guests are like Lord. Naitik thought just 5 people will come, but Dada ji gets many people to trouble them. Eventually, everything gets cleared. Dada ji then agrees to dine with them.


The families have compromised and decided that Naksh and Tara will not marry till they become independent and responsible. They do Naksh and Tara’s Roka. Naksh is very happy and thanks Akshara and Naitik. Dada ji apologizes to Akshara and talks to Singhania family well. Naksh and Tara madly fall in love and could not stay without each other. Their promise to be just friendly till right age for marriage breaks. The leap will be coming soon in the show, where Naksh will marry Tara and leave Singhania house. Will Tara’s Dada ji be responsible for Naksh’s step? Keep reading.



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