Raman flirts with Shagun* to test Ishita for her lie-plannings…



Raman wants to see whether Ishita is lying to him about getting possessed by spirit. Ishita is tested by Raman to know if she is really captured by the spirit. Raman checks her behavior and talks to her. He talks to her romantically, when she acts like Shagun. He hugs her and asks her to sit and drink with him. Raman got to know that Shagun and Ishita are doing something and lying to family. She gets into Shagun’s role and he flirts with her to see her response. He hugs her and observes her behavior. She stays in her character for some time and then falls in his trap when he offers her wine and non-veg food. He asks her to have butter chicken. She avoids the drink and he insists as its normal thing for Shagun. She takes a sip and coughs. Raman goes to get water for her. She throws the drink from the window and he catches her.

She worries that Raman is doubting her and thinks how will she manage now. He asks her to tell him why is she doing this. He calls her Shagun and Ishita, a two in one person. He confronts her and she says she is just his Ishita. He asks about doing Shagun’s role and she tells him she has no idea what he is saying. Raman gets thinking to find the reason of Ishita’s strange plan. What will be Raman’s reaction knowing the masterplan to save his life? Keep reading.


[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0shgbWmQ50A]



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