Sanskaar-Swara’s love BEGINS by sweet moments…


Swara tells Sanskaar that Ragini was asking her to go farmhouse and get Laksh. She clears the matter and sees Sanskaar not taking interest in hearing the explanation. Sanskaar lights diya and its a calm moment. She tells him she is going away from home. He asks her where is she going. Swara says she is going Banaras for few days. He asks her not to go and expresses his feelings. He tells her how much will he miss her every day. Sanskaar tells her that he can’t live without her. They look at each other and he lights diya seeing her. His hand was getting burnt by diya and she holds his hand, being concerned and protective. He asks who will save him when he needs help. Swara asks him to light all diyas and gets up. Her dupatta gets stick in the Mauli thread tied to his hand. He jokes that my Mauli thread does not want you to go. Swara and Sanskaar share a sweet moment. She smiles and leaves. Sanskaar waits to see if Swara cancels her trip on his saying, if she does not go, then it would mean she loves him. Sanskaar and Swara’s love track will be starting in the show.



  1. Lol.. Is this eff ed up serial still runs? Our maid calla this, saathiya and ishani serial atak gayi gain and says she cuts veggies for next day switching off TV. She cooks at a home in the evening so she misses ishq ka rang safed.. I told her hey don’t worry that is also running a crappy negative track.. So she was happy.. Yaay..


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