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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Dadi has started acting and got into Chandrakala’s mother’s shoes. She is acting as a villager and demanding desi food dishes to look convincing. Suhani is puzzled and wants to know the reality behind Dadi’s drama. Dad is acting to lose memory, to avoid being questioned by Yuvraaj about Gauri/Mili. She suggests a DNA test of Mili and Yuvraaj to know they are siblings.



Mohi is upset as Ayush and Anusha are getting married. Mohi keeps a fast for Ayush’s long life. Shanta gets to know about Mohi’s fasts and gets it confirmed by insisting Mohi to have food. Shanta decides to find Ayush and Mohi’s relation.

Mere Angne Mein:

Raghav gets to know about Sarla’s cancer disease. He tells Shanti about mortgaging Shanti Sadan to get 5 lakhs. Shanti gets stunned and worried to lose her home. Sarla gets fake reports to show Raghav and Riya. Riya gets doubt on Sarla.


Angoori cries and tells Vibhuti that she is sad. Vibhuti asks who made her sad. Angoori says Tiwari is having an affair. Vibhuti used this chance to make Angoori and Tiwari away, and says Tiwari did very wrong and should go in jail. Tiwari stored Saxena’s name in his phone as saxy, and Angoori felt he has messaged some girl.


Ragini is kidnapped and family is worried for her. Swara tells her family that she will find Ragini. She sees the family worrying and asks them to trust her. Ragini is shown held captive in some jungle and blaming Swara behind her kidnapping.

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Mrs. Iyer has called the tantric Baba to make Ishita free of spirit. The tantric makes Ishita sit near the havan kund and beats her with the sweepstick. Ishita scolds him. The tantric says the spirit is very difficult to manage, and Mrs. Iyer did right thing to call him here. Mihika gets worried seeing this and tries saving Ishita from tantric.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Nandu gets mistaken about Anjali’s good inlaws. She assumes Anjali is tortured by her husband Sandeep and family. She gets Anjali’s inlaws arrested by fake blame and gets Anjali to her home. She then files a case against her dad Kishore for forcing Anjali to go inlaws home. The lawyer seeks Raju’s help to deal with Nandu.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan saves Thapki from getting burnt by crackers. Shraddha writes Thapki’s name in the note. The family gets angry on Bihaan for writing Thapki’s name in the note, instead the thing he would give for charity.

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli insists to Mangla to make her meet her mum once. She recalls Chakor’s words that no mother can be wrong. Mangla gets angry and takes her to show Anandi. Nimboli gets stunned when Anandi tells her that she is her mother.

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed:
Tripurari has stabbed Suvarna to get the baby aborted. Suwarna is buried by him, and she is still alive. She holds a woman to seek help. Viplav and Tripurari are watching dance of a local dancer. She is the one who will save Suwarna. Tripurari dances with the woman, Viplav sees Tripurari and thinks he is not right for Dhaani.



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