TGI Friday’s Spoilers





Mrs. Iyer has called the tantric Baba to make Ishita free of spirit. The tantric makes Ishita sit near the havan kund and beats her with the sweepstick. Ishita scolds him. The tantric says the spirit is very difficult to manage, and Mrs. Iyer did right thing to call him here. Mihika gets worried seeing this and tries saving Ishita from tantric. Ishita takes the sweepstick and beats the tantric to make him leave from house. Tantric and his men run from there.She says she is Shagun and takes knife to attack Romi. She keeps knife at his neck and threatens to kill him. She then threatens Raman to cut her nerve and shows she can hurt them too. Prateek asked Ishita to attack someone and hurt, so that Raman’s doubt on her gets clear. Ishita says this fraud Baba can’t control me. This all is her planning by Ishita to do acting of having Shagun’s soul in her.


Ritik is in love with Shivanya and can’t stay without her. Ritik is marrying Tanvi, but he does not love her. He sees Shivanya and gets in dilemma. He thinks what to do to get out of this situation. Shivanya was his love of last birth. Tanvi is his childhood friend. He gets ready for the marriage. Shivanya innocently looks at him, and no one can’t say she is Naagin in the show. Ritik has fallen for her simplicity and innocence.

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Ranvir is back at home, but his face is wrapped in bandages. She got the call from hospital to help this patient. When Ranvir came home, Amba got a smile and cold wind started blowing. Flowers shower on Ranvir. Amba feels like her son has come home after a lot of time, it was like telepathy moment. Ranvir is in coma and does not know, but when Ishani and Amba talk to him, he feels he is close to his family. Even Ishani and Amba feel the divine connection. Ishani asks Milan about not helping people, when he always believed in love and goodness. She assumes Milan to be Ranvir and questions him. Milan wants Ishani to hate Ranvir, and asks her to stop it. He says he called some guests, but she has to take care of them well.


Gopi and Vidya ask Meera to come home. Even Ahem tells the same. Meera has reason that she wants to take revenge from Gaura and Dharam. Meera tells Ahem that she loves him a lot and will come back soon. She leaves for her inlaws home. Gopi is thankful to Shravan, that he has saved Ahem’s life. Her annoyance for Shravan is gone now.


Sandhya is blamed by seniors that she will not investigate the Mohit’s murder case well to save her family members. A new officer Satyavaan is given this case and he is very strict and smart. Sandhya gets Satyavaan at home and introduces him to the family. His questions makes everyone tense. He gets a lady’s sketch and shows them. Meenakshi identifies that lady as Komal, who was stealing sarees from her shop. Satyavaan came to know someone from Rathi family has killed Mohit, and he will find out that person soon. Bhabho does not want to have food, and everyone try convincing home. Emily cuts her finger while cutting vegs, she is lost in thoughts. Bhabho rushes to see Emily. Everyone in the house is sad after Mohit’s death.


Rana ji aims the ancestral gun at fake Sulakshana. Jhumki gets tensed and tells Rana ji that Gayatri is not mad, she was saying the truth. Jhumki names Badi Rani. Badi Rani starts her emotional drama ad Gayatri melts. She apologizes to Badi Rani.


Dadi started acting seeing she is getting caught by Suhani. She acts like she lost memory and avoids Suhani’s questioning. Suhani wonders why is Dadi behaving such. She is acting as a villager and demanding desi food dishes to look convincing. Suhani is puzzled and wants to know the reality behind Dadi’s drama. Dad is acting to lose memory, to avoid being questioned by Yuvraaj about Gauri/Mili. Nevertheless, Suhani makes everyone sure that Mili is actually Gauri. Suhani wants them to accept Mili as Gauri Birla.


Bihaan follows Thapki to terrace and they both get tangled in the cotton threads. There is a romantic moment between them. She does not listen to him and leaves. Bihaan wants to explain Thapki that he did not write her name to donate her, Shraddha has done this. Thapki gets convinced and realizes Bihaan can’t do such thing to donate her, equating her as a material. Thapki’s annoyance gets away and they decide to fail Shraddha’s next plan.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Indravati and Simar have reached the temple. There is an idol in the temple, which has Indravati’s life. Indravati can’t enter the temple. Simar gets the map to locate the idol. Indravati is planning to send Simar to the fake temple. Simar will land into new trouble, where evil will enter Simar. Simar will be hitting a wrong idol, which releases the Mega Daayan. The new witch will enter Simar’s body to make her find difficult to have her devotion for her Mata Rani. Simar will have to fight with Daayan in her body. The Daayan makes Simar pray to the Devil. How will Simar free herself from the evil witch?

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Mere Angne Mein:

Mohit comes to meet Preeti at her home. They meet at the terrace and get shocked seeing Shanti awake at night. Shanti feels restless and worried for Sarla, and comes out of her room. Preeti hides Mohit before Shanti sees him, and asks him to leave. Mohit refuses to go and wants to spend time with Preeti. They both confess love and have a romantic moment. Shanti hears some sound and goes to check.


Viplav thinks Dhaani can never agree to marry Tripurari as he knows her very well. He asks Tripurari to take Dhaani’s consent before marriage. A dancer is going from there and witnesses hand coming from inside the sand. She might turn out to be Suwarna’s savior. Later, Viplav and Tripurari are watching dance of the same dancer. She is the one who will save Suwarna. Tripurari dances with the woman, Viplav sees Tripurari and thinks he is not right for Dhaani. Few instances will lead Viplav to doubt Tripurari and he will expose him for Suwarna’s murder. It is yet to be seen about Dulaari’s reaction knowing about Tripurari’s real face, as she was praising him a lot and found a good match for her daughter in him.



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