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Shivanya comes downstairs dressed up as a bride. This is Nagin’s face which is hidden under the veil. Shivanya will take seven rounds with Ritik. Ritik is surprised and he doesn’t know with whom he is getting married as Tanvi has refused to marry him. He sees his mum bringing a bride downstairs and is clueless. Shivanya became bride to cover her face during Poornima. There will be big drama at Ritik’s home, after seeing bride’s face. Shivanya wants to find the Naagmani. There are two Naagins in the show. Both of them have come to take revenge from Ritik, and then Shivanya will fall in love with Ritik after marriage, and war will start between good and bad naagins.


Kokila warns Gaura and says second round of your enmity have started. She reaches Gaura’s house and warns her to stop conspiring against them else this tigress will kill her. She says I will end your drama and will show how to fulfill the enmity. Gopi and her family are tensed and wonder where did Kokila go? Gaura will plan to do Meera’s Cheer Haran. Meera’s saree gets stuck in the machine.


Ragini is kidnapped and screams asking Sanskar-Swara to free him. She is feeling helpless and has to become part of the kal kathori. All family members are tensed and wonders where did she go? Ragini is tied and cries. She gets a mobile phone and tries to call, but there was no network. She cries. It is yet to be seen how Swara and Laksh get any clue to reach Ragini. Swara and Ragini had an argument before Ragini gets kidnapped. Did Swara really kidnap Ragini?

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Sarojini is doing Chath puja on the sea side, and praying to Surya God. All the family members do the puja together. Chath fast is kept with strict rules. Nirjhara has kept fast for her sons.

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyan:

Koel is getting married soon. Mehendi is applied on her hand, but she is unhappy as she loves someone else. Destiny is playing game with her and her heart still beats for Raj. She is compromising for her family. She doesn’t want to get dressed well. Her Maa gets upset seeing something written on her hand, and asks her to wipe the hands.

Qubool Hai:

Khan Begum is using her beauty and charm today. She is trying to flirt with Ehsaan and plays game of love. Armaan hates Khan Begum a lot. Khan begum have fallen in love again and is expressing love to Ehsaan while dancing. Armaan feels awkward seeing his mum dancing with his best friend. She gets engaged to Armaan’s best friend. Khan Begum have done engagement with Armaan’s friend and is celebrating happily.


Simmi and Ruhi doing Bhai Dooj pooja of their respective brothers. Raman is angry with Simmi because of her fight with Ishita. Ishita came to know that Simmi is meeting Ashok secretly. Simmi is found meeting Parmeet. Ashok has seen Shagun and Ishita together. Ashok is glad catching them red handed. Ishita and Shagun were meeting to discuss their plan. Ashok threatens them. He says he will show them his plan.


Chakor celebrates birthday at Thakur’s birthday. Chakor’s duplicate Chunni have added dirty water in the cake which has fallen on Kamal Narayan. Bhaiya ji is unable to do anything.


Lokesh was taking jewelry for Lalima’s engagement. Mohit meets him on the way and asks for jewelry. Lokesh refuses to give him the jewelry bag. They both have a fight, and then Mohit falls in the well. Lokesh was angry getting beaten up by Mohit. He pushes Mohit which makes him fall. Lokesh’s story ends here, but Emily and Bhabho would be coming there at the same place too. The real culprit is yet to be disclosed. Sandhya comes home and is worried knowing Mohit’s murderer is part of Rathi family. Sooraj sees Sandhya tensed and takes care of her. Sooraj is also in tension as he knows bit of truth.

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Ishani has come face to face with Ranvir and Milan. ishani gets shell shocked seeing Ranvir and his lookalike Milan. Milan and Ranvir tell her about their childhood where they got separated. Milan followed the wrong path. Ishani realizes she was staying with Milan. Ranvir is trying to save Ishani. Its disclosed that they are twins. Milan aims gun at Ranvir and threatens to kill him. Ishani begs Milan to leave Ranvir. Milan pushes Ishani and burns Ranvir’s face by the fire torch. Ranvir survives the incident. Milan shoots himself and this would lead to many more problems for Ranvir.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar has brought a Devi along her, which leaves Bharadwaj family shocked. Devika claims she is Devi’s avatar. She is a statue maker. Roli is missing and she makes Roli’s statue to get Roli back. Devika is actually a witch. She has put Roli inside the statue. Roli is caught up in the stone statue. Roli will come back of the statue. Devika will get inside Simar and do all the evil.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti has done Sarla’s Tyaag after knowing her big lies. She does the rituals of ending relations with Sarla. Raghav looks on quiet as Sarla has done big mistake this time. Sarla’s lied of cancer to take 5 lakhs from them, which made them keep Shanti Sadan mortgaged. Sarla and everyone is shocked. Sarla cries and starts doing drama. Shanti frees Sarla of their relation and duties. She takes rounds around Sarla holding a water pot, and breaks the pot doing the Vidhi for dead person.


After Naksh’s roka with Tara, Akshara stays worried for Tara’s Dada ji’s sudden mind change. Naitik pacifies her and asks her to accept this as fate. Naksh meets Tara post their Roka. Akshara worries for Naksh’s safety and recalls Dada ji’s warnings to not spare them. Dada ji acts sweet to Naksh, to win his trust. Sangram does not understand Dada ji’s decision for Naksh and Tara’s relation and suspects Dada ji is planning something.


Dasharath asks Dhaani to stay in his house till her marriage, as he wants to keep Dhaani and Viplav away from each other. He asks Viplav to stay out of house till Dhaani’s marriage with Tripurari. Viplav agrees hesitantly. Dhaani comes to stay in Viplav’s house. Both of them look at each other and have an eye lock. Later Raj Lakshmi informs Viplav that Dhaani is marrying with her own will. Viplav is shocked and wonders what is compelling her to marry Tripurari. When Dhaani is brought for the ritual, Viplav adores her as she wears green color saree. The dancer lady who was threatened by Tripurari to kill Suwarna, rescues her and decides to expose Tripurari. Viplav will eventually find Suwarna on the marriage day of Dhaani and will stop her marriage with Tripurari.


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