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Meera is back in her angry form. She goes to Gaura’s room at night, to take revenge from Gaura. She is angry as Gaura has attempted to ruin her respect. She plays the same trick with Gaura. She keeps Gaura’s saree end in the cooler and wants the same saree pull scene to happen with Gaura. She leaves from the room silently and wishes Gaura learns a good lesson. Vidya is supportive of Meera, as Meera has changed and is against Gaura now.


There is Dhruv’s engagement function kept at Pandey Nivaas. Dhruv and Shraddha have a dance, while Thapki dances with Bihaan. Thapki feels bad seeing Dhruv and Shraddha. Thapki wants to expose Shraddha after seeing her true face at her home. Dhruv is dancing with Shraddha to make Thapki jealous and admit her love for him. He gets jealous seeing Thapki dance with Bihaan. Thapki and Bihaan plan to expose Shraddha and confide with Vasundara first. Shraddha digs a plan for Thapki, and falls into the trap. Dhruv saves Shraddha from getting hurt. Shraddha is glad that she did not get exposed.

Bhabhi ji:

Angoori is recalling the romantic days spend with Tiwari. She reminds Tiwari about their time. Tiwari does not remember any date and lies to her, praising her to avoid the topic. His mind is wandering. Angoori gets glad hearing him compliment her. Later on, Saxena has got witch spirit on him. Angoori, Tiwari and Vibhuti are worried. Saxena accepted challenge to call Vibhuti’s Dada ji’s spirit, but a witch has come. This week will be scary fun in the show. Angoori was against calling the spirit, as she is afraid go such things.

Kuch to Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan:

Koel decided to marry Samar for the sake of her mum. Maddy comes as the groom instead Samar. Maddy/Maddhavan shows his face after the marriage completed. Maddy apologizes to Koel and says he has decided to marry her for the sake of Raj, he values their love and did not wish Koel to marry a wrong man Samar.

Satrangi Sasural:

Kaira and Vihaan have a romantic confession. Kaira confesses love to Vihaan. Vihaan is also losing himself in love. Tera hone laga hoon…plays.. It was Kaira’s birthday and they started romancing in front of everyone. Kaira is sure Vihaan will fall in love with her. They are lost and forgot family is infront of them.

Siya Ke Ram:

Maharishi Gautam starts teaching Sita, wherein she starts asking him many questions. She asks about his wife Ahilya, and the reason for cursing Ahilya. Gautam is unable to tell about Ahilya’s infidelity and regrets for the curse. Gautam tells about a Raghuvanshi freeing Ahilya of the curse. Ram would be entering the cursed jungle as part of a tradition and step in the rock to free Ahilya. His pure soul and good heart will make hi release Ahilya of the curse even after knowing her entire truth. Ram and his brothers finish her education at Guru Vashisht’s ashram. They return to Ayodhya happily. While everyone is happy, Ram is worried for Ayodhya’s future. On the other hand, Dasharath fears for Ram’s safety. Later, Kushadwaj tells Janak about neighbor dynasty attacking on them. Janak wonders why are anyone attacking, when he did not attack any dynasty till now. He decides to save their Praja and Rajya. Kushadwaj prepares to go for the war, wherein Sita tells him that she will accompany him and fight in the war for Mithila.

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Shesha and Shivanya are dancing together and doing Mahadev’s aaradhna. They are two ichhadhari nagins who has come to take revenge from Ritik’s family. Shivanya is given reponsibility of cleaning the Shivling with milk and then asked to to puja. She pours milk on the Shivling and does the puja. Shivanya has strong relation with Mahadev. It is Poornima’s big night and Shivanya came to temple to do Puja. Then both of the nagins dance to impress Mahadev. Shivanya leaves the house in midnight when her Guru ji called her to temple. Guru ji blesses her for married life, which boggles Shivanya as she intents to kill Ritik and his family.


Gayatri reaches near the well to do the puja. Badi Rani is after her and pushed her in water. Gayatri shouts for Rana ji to rescue her. It is said that all the ladies do the well puja, and they apply gulaal on each other face. It is a rule of Ameer court that all the ladies do the puja together of the well, as a man died long before in the well, because of a woman. Gayatri drowns in well and gets unconscious. Rana ji will come and rescue Gayatri. Gayatri and Raj Mata wanted to bring out Badi Rani’s truth, but their plan backfired.

Santoshi Maa:

Gracy Singh has become Santoshi in And TV’s show. Maa Santoshi makes her devotee Santoshi sleep in her lap. Santoshi has faith on Goddess Santoshi Mata and is a big devotee.


Milan asks Ishani to wear short dress during the sangeet. Ishani is confused as Ranveer will never ask her to do anything against her wish. However Ishani wears short dress but she is not comfortable. Milan who is in disguise of Ranveer forces her to wear that dress in sangeet. Milan sees Ishani and thinks she is uncomfortable in the dress, and asks her not to wear this dress. He thinks well that Ishani has worn the dress on his insistence.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room to get his signatures on the property papers. Pragya follows her. Abhi acts to romance Tanu to make Pragya uncomfortable. Pragya gets jealous seeing Tanu with Abhi, and regrets that Abhi is still away from seeing Tanu’s real face.


Akshara’s brothers are going abroad to open a restaurant. Akshara cries to be away from, her brothers. Shaurya and Anshu want to get more successful abroad. Devyaani pacifies her. Akshara is not able to hide her worry. She tells Devyaani about big loss in hotel, that’s why Shaurya is going with Varsha to Hong Kong. Even Anshu is going with them. Akshara is sad for Rajshri, as home will get lonely. The family brings a smile on her face, by singing poetry for her. On the other front, Akshara delays Naksh and Tara’s marriage. Sangram is angry as he would marry once Tara’s marriage gets done. He gets drunk and goes far from home. He sees Akshara passing by in her car and blocks her way in anger. Akshara and Sangram get into a heated argument. Akshara falls down the cliff after a fight. Sangram sees Akshara falling down the cliff and gets worried. Akshara gets rushed to hospital by someone. Akshara meets Naitik and Naksh in hospital, and she will fight with her fate to come back in her family.


Devika reaches with Simar’s family to temple to free Roli’s soul. Roli is back in her sasural. She leaves with her inlaws for home, and does not know Devika real plan to give less happiness and take away more from Bharadwaj family.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti plans to send off Riya to her dad’s house. She is angry seeing Riya dominating home after winning Raghav’s trust by exposing Sarla. Riya acts sweet and fails Shanti’s plans. Shanti thinks to make Riya fall in Raghav and Shivam’s eyes and lose their trust, so that they kick out Riya from Shanti Sadan. Riya does all the work perfectly even before Shanti gives any work to her. Kaushalya is glad seeing Riya managing home so good. Riya does not give any chance to Shanti to complain.

Bhagya Lakshmi:

Anshuman and Divya’s sangeet are going to married soon. The family is celebrating happily and dancing. Vasundara is happy. Anshuman and Divya’s marriage will be full of twists.

Kaala Teeka:

There is big confusion as Gauri and Kaali wear same black clothes. The kidnappers who came to kidnap Kaali catch Gauri. They put Gauri in the van and leave. Jethi Maa has called kidnappers to catch Kaali. Jethi Maa told kidnappers that Kaali will be the girl in black clothes, as Gauri wears colorful clothes. The kidnappers get confused seeing Gauri in black dress. Jethi Maa’s plan gets flopped, as Gauri is kidnapped. Gauri is again in problem. Kaali will save her for sure.


Tripurari is glad that Viplav will going far and there won’t be any problem. Viplav gets busy in the arrangements of Dhaani and Tripurari’s marriage. Dhaani eats Sargi mistakenly sent by Kanak accidentally, and also she is made to wear Chunari during the function which is kept for Viplav’s wife. Dasharath decides to send Viplav to Boston once Dhaani’s marriage is done. But things go against Dasharath, Viplav would marry Dhaani at the last moment.



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