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The family is against Swara. Everyone in on Ragini’s side now and blames Swara for kidnapping Ragini. Swara is still blamed as Ragini accuses her for trying to kill her. Police comes and interrogates her. Ragini says she has doubt on Swara and she is pretty sure about Swara as she hates her.

Bhabhi Ji:

Chudail is the hot topic in all the shows. They thought to call Tiwari’s Nani ji, but Chudail comes instead and proposes Vibhuti shocking Anita and Angoori. Vibhuti is worried, as Chudail is troubling him day and night.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is trying to save Dhruv from Shraddha and tries to stop his marriage. Dhruv doesn’t believe Thapki and this makes her thinking about how to expose Shraddha’s truth.


Ritik’s mother fears for his kundli dosh, that he will be bitten by a Naagin. Mr. Suri/Mazhar Syed have entered the show Naagin and came to meet his old friends. He has a secret too that is related with the Naagins. Ritik’s birthday party will be seen where tv stars will be doing a special appearance.

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Chakor’s lookalike Chunni threatens the guard. Chakor wants to secure her twin sister Chunni from Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji plans to kill Chunni after getting Chakor’s share of property on his name, which his mother Baa has named to Chakor.

Surya Putra Karn:

Surya Putra Karn is doing Kunti’s Asthi Visarjan and looks at her bangles with teary eyes. There is a emotional scene in this track.

Maharana Pratap:

Maharana Pratap has lost in Haldi ghati war from Mughals and came to stay in the jungle. He talks to his Guru and think to fight back with Mughals. Until he wins over Mughals, he has to stay in the jungle with his son and wife.


Another witch called Paatali Devi does tandav with more witches. During mahaepisode for Simar and Swaragini, Sanskaar will be going in the old temple. He sees the women wearing black clothes and gets shocked seeing the women doing tandav and magic infront of some scary idols. He sees their true forms and gets terrified.


Rana ji apologizes to Gayatri for raising hand on her. He makes her sit on the throne and showers flowers on her. Gayatri and Rana ji smile happily.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi is singing and playing music to get property from Pragya. He is going shayari and makes Pragya sleep. Abhi does shayari and makes her sleep, he is doing all of seva to fool her for his profit, his plan succeeded as Pragya signs on property papers


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