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Yeh Rishta:

Naitik rescues Akshara and takes her out of water. He gets relieved seeing her alive and holds her hand. He was searching for her and jumped in the river seeing Akshara drowning. A song plays in background. Naksh brings ambulance and they take her to hospital. Naitik asks Akshara to gain consciousness and speak to them. Tara’s family might be responsible for Akshara’s condition. Naitik hopes his Akshara gets well and then the criminal will eventually be out infront of them. Rajshri is worried for Akshara’s critical state. She wants Akshara to recover soon. Devyaani consoles Rajshri.


Gayatri has become Rana ji’s bodyguard and Rakshak. She wears a soldier’s clothes and have become rakshak of the empire. Someone wants to trouble them. Abhish Goel will be entering the show as the new villain. She was sitting infront of mirror and then it breaks….signing Gayatri of the upcoming troubles.

Swaragini and Simar:

There will be maha episode of Swaragini and SSK. Simar came to Swara’s home to help her. It is yet to be seen how Simar will help Swara. Simar wants to convince Ragini that Swara is innocent and wants them to unite. Simar will win surely.


Shivanya and Ritik are romancing. Ritik doesn’t know that he is romancing a naagin. They have an eye lock. The destiny is playing games to bring them closer. Ritik’s true love will win Shivanya’s heart.


Ishita and Raman are dancing happily and spending some romantic time together. They got time to express love to each other. Raman sends family members out for dinner and plans candle light dinner with Ishita at homr. Ishita was unromantic and her concentration was on phone. Raman gets moved on in love and makes her focus on him.


Ishani protects Ranveer infront of family members, and becomes his protected shield. Ranveer has to answer his family. Ishani tells Ranveer that she trusts him fully and she will not let any trouble reach him. She hides his face with her saree pallu so that he couldn’t see his face in mirror. Milan has killed Sharman and harmed Ranveer. Ishani should help Ranveer find Milan and punish him.

Satrangi Sasural:

Vihaan and Kaira sit for their haldi. They are marrying again with all the rituals, and first rasam is haldi. They sit for haldi and are happy. Someone wants to kill Kaira and Vihaan. Kaira wants to find out. There is a veiled woman who is trying to kill her. Kaira has planned to catch the woman. During the rituals, Kaira gets drunk and dance with her mum in laws around her. She sings Sasu ji tune meri………..She enjoys dancing while her mum in law gets surprised. Kaira dances and is drunk. She is not in her senses and speaks all her frustration by her dance. Kaira taunts her mother in laws after finishing her dance.


Jhanvi’s estranged husband Anurag come to take her back home. Roli thinks they should leave the decision on Jhanvi and she should decide about her future. Mata ji asks Roli to explain Jhanvi and convince her for giving a second chance to Anurag. There are more twist and turns in the show after Devika and Paatali Devi entered the show.


Everything is happy in Suhani’s home after Yuvraaj’s sister is back home. Aditya is the new entry in the show and he is Suhani’s cousin. He will be opposite Yuvraaj’s sister Gauri and they will full on Tashan kind of chemistry. Yuvraaj starts Gauro’s medication for her right mental state progress. Gauri’s condition starts improving with her family’s love and support. Aditya falls in love with her innocence and simplicity.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram decides to bring back his sister Shanta to Ayodhya. He gets saddened realizes Kaushalya had to sacrifice her daughter so that Dasharath gets blessed with a son. Ram finds this unjust and goes to ask Dasharath about Shanta. He tells Dasharath his wish to get Shanta back and takes his permission. Meanwhile, Sita finds that Mandvi and Shruthkirti have hidden to avoid their departure with Kushadwaji and Chandrabhata. Sita decides to find them and convince them to leave for Sankasya.



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