Ragini’s hatred for Laksh to bring new twists….



Ragini has slapped Laksh and shouts on him angrily. She says I will write Maheshwari family’s destiny and takes the locker keys in her hand. She used to wear traditional sarees before also, but now she has a make over. She has changed and she will be going to be head of the family. She slaps Laksh hard and says you have seen love till now, and now you will see my hatred. One thing has not changed and grew even more is Ragini’s hatred. Laksh wanted to kill Ragini to get rid of her and also trap Sanskaar in the plan. Laksh wanted to win Swara. Ragini says her slap is justified.

Swara and Ragini’s equation have changed, and the owner of the house is changed. All the property and house keys came in Ragini’s hands. Ragini and Laksh are fighting over divorce. Ragini tears the divorce papers. Ragini has given tough slap to Laksh. She has decided to give him an angry answer. She says she will not give him divorce. Ragini’s hatred will punish Laksh now. Ragini told him she won’t sign on divorce papers and burns the divorce papers. Ragini’s hatred will bring a new twist in Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh’s life. Keep reading.


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