Prime risk to encircle Modi Family in Saathiya…



Meera is celebrating Dharam’s birthday. Dharam wishes him birthday and gets romantic. Dharam is in love with Mera. He liked the birthday surprise by Meera and wanted to kiss her. Meera gets tensed. Urmila stops them and pops up from the table. She asks Dharam to cut the cake. Dharam gives the cake and sends Urmila out. He wanted to spend romantic time with Meera. Gaura and her relatives come there. Gaura asks Dharam to attend guests. Gaura came to stop Dharam and Meera’s romance. Meera has got Gaura and Dharam’s pic on the cake. She cuts Gaura’s pic and asks Gaura to eat the cake. She tells Gaura that she will cut Gaura from Dharam’s life as well.

On the other hand, Madhuben will be kidnapping Ahem. Kokila looks for Ahem. Kokila sees Ahem’s dummy outside the house. She calls Jigar and everyone to show. Gopi feels they got late in finding Ahem, and cries. Gopi says she will find Ahem. Madhuben is responsible for all this. Gopi doubts Gaura for taking revenge. Kokila and Jigar get information from the police station. They go to identify the dead body at the morgue. She is broken seeing Ahem’s jacket and wallet, and believes he died. She sees the dead person and says he is not her Ahem. She gets relieved, but gets thinking of some planning to plant Ahem’s belongings with that body. Jigar also feels Gaura has done this. Ahem will not die in the show. Madhube scares them with the dummy and that dead body of someone else.


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