Shivanya’s past to create trouble; Suri to be attacked…



Shivanya is worried as astrologer told Ritik that he has danger from his wife. He trusts Shivanya blindly. His mom is worried for him. Shivanya and Sesha have to think something soon. Ritik and Shivanya have a sweet moment when she tries to stop him from seeing the photo. Ritik teases her. They both come closer by the pic snatching matter. Ritik gets Shivanya’s childhood pic and Shivanya does not want him to see her parents. She is scared that her truth will come out, but instead Ritik brings her emotions out. Shivanya gets all her memories of her dead parents and cries. She has reasons to hide her parents’ pic. Ritik wanted to surprise Shivanya with the pic. Ritik is going to frame the pic and hang on the wall. Shivanya refuses for it as the enemies will recognize her seeing the pic. Ritik is trying to become a good husband. Shivanya goes to attack Suri. She gets into her Naagin avatar to bite him. Suri has a protective ring with him and believes Naagin will not be able to harm him.


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