Ram and Sita’s valor to show up in Siya Ke Ram…


siya ke ram

Shri Ram comes to address his people on the road. All the people of his dynasty are happy seeing Lord coming to meet them. A villager woman hopes to meet Ram. Ram comes with Lakshman in his cart, and hugs the woman who called him from heart. The lady gives him kheer to eat. Ram eats it showing he is one of the common people, and down to earth, despite being Ayodhya’s prince. The people dance around Ram happily. Ram celebrates his birthday with the villagers.


A man informs Ram about the attacks by Asurs on the pilgrims. Ram heads to rescue the pilgrims. Asurs get to know this and plan to make Ram and Laxman their hostages, so that they can conquer over Ayodhya. Ram takes the responsibility of saving the Aryavar and gets in his warrior avatar. Ram succeeds in saving the pilgrims from Asurs Subahu and Mareecha. Everyone applaud Ram for his bravery. An Ashwamedha Yagya is done, where a horse from Ayodhya is set free to run. Dasharath tells Ram that his horse is going out after a long time. No one could stop it till now and at this time, the horse is heading towards Mithila. The people ask Sita to move off the horse’s way, before she gets hurt. Sita stops the horse and calms him down. Sita bravely stops that horse. Ram and Sita will be soon meeting for the first time.

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