TR Round Up Spoilers




Ishita is giving her Agni Pariksha and walking on hot coals. Raman makes her sit and puts cold water on her to do her Shuddhikaran. Ishita is doing all this to save Raman and getting hurt to prove her love for Raman. She is bearing this pain given by Raman. All this is planned by Ashok. Abhishek gets to know of Ishita’s Agni Pariksha and comes there to stop Ishita. Abhishek gets very upset seeing Ishita bearing so much pain. Raman sends Ishita in the ashram. Appa also feels its torture on Ishita, but holds himself as he wants Ishita to get rid of Shagun’s soul. Abhishek looks at Ishita, bearing the tortures and feels helpless.


Ritik’s family takes the support of Kaali Maa. Sesha comes in that temple and faces the wrath of Kaali Maa. Sesha is worried thinking her revenge will be incomplete. Sesha can’t face the Devi and turns into a snake. Sesha gave poison to Ritik, to stop Shivanya from reaching the temple. Once Shivanya reaches there, she will be ruined. Ritik’s family will do havan in Kaali Maa temple and Sesha has come to her Guru ji to stop Ritik’s family. Sesha is anxious and does Shiv Bhakti.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Anita wants to shift to her new bungalow. Vibhuti dreams that he is leaving and Angoori is shouting to stop him. Angoori does not leave his hand and runs after the car. Anita scolds Vibhuti and takes him away. This is his dream sequence. Vibhuti worries that his dream may turn true.


Avdesh misbehaves with Gayatri. He shouts on her confessing his crazy love for her. She fumes on his bad intentions and slaps him hard. Rana ji beats Avdesh for eyeing his wife. Rana ji beats him with a big hunter and ends his craze for Gayatri. Avdesh falls in his feet and apologizes. Avdesh changes his words and asks Rana ji to kill him, as he does not want to live. Rana ji says I will make your wish true. Avdesh took Rana ji’s property and now returns everything back to Rana ji. Avdesh says what will I do with property when I m not getting Gayatri. Avdesh repents and apologizes to Rana ji and Gayatri. Avdesh gets heartbroken and decides to leave from Gayatri’s life.

KumKum Bhagya:

Aaliya is angered and crying seeing the decorative room for Purab and Bulbul’s wedding night. Aaliya can’t bear this sight and messes the room. She ruins all the decorations and crushes the roses. Aaliya sees Purab and Bulbul’s name written with rose petals. She gets her anger on the decorations. She writes her name with rose petals. She writes Alia and Purab and smiles. It seems Aaliya has lost her mental balance. Purab is not Aaliya’s love, but has become her obsession. Aaliya rests on the bed and imagines Purab. Aaliya then does not see Purab and throws the things. Pragya gets to know Aaliya has ruined the decorations in the room, and goes to scold her.


Aarti and her husband are welcomed in grand way. A new family will be shown in MATSH. Parul Chauhan will be seen as Aarti. Aarti has come to meet her family and spend some good time in her Maayka. Aarti is sweet and simple housewife and have good values. Ishani runs from Ritika’s clutches and Bhairav Singh helps her. Ritika sends the goons after Ishani. Ishani is caught by the goons and tries to run away. Ishani succeeds and she will be reaching Aarti’s family to get shelter.


Paatali Devi started magic on Simar and broke her mangalsutra. Simar was doing Mata Rani aarti, and then did aarti of Paatali Devi. Simar will be turning evil and get against her own family. Devika tries to break Paatali Devi’s statue. The statue does not break. Khushi tells her that the statue is made of terracotta soil. The family is worried as Simar has turned negative. The doll fools down and is about to burn. Devika gets worried as her life is trapped inside that doll.


Bhabhimaa has slapped Rukmani, being unable to bear her taunts. Rukmani was talking bad about Akshara and taunts that Akshara has gone blind permanently. Rajshri cries and can’t bear the harsh words. Bhabhimaa loses her control as Rukmani crossed the limits. She scolds Rukmani and asks her to talk properly. Devyaani supports Bhabhimaa, as Rukmani was saying wrong about Akshara in such bad time. Akshara thinks she was dreaming to lose sight, and wakes up from sleep. Naitik was at her side. Akshara is not able to see him or anything. She falls and starts crying. He holds her and calms her down. She says she has become blind and loses strength. Naitik pacifies her and says her eyes will get fine soon. Akshara asks Naitik to leave her and wants to get away from his life.


Swara is trying to convince Sanskaar. She collides with him and falls. He holds her and stays annoyed. They have an eyelock and are still not talking. Swara gets sad and wants to do something special to win his trust back. Swara gets sad seeing Sanskaar distancing himself. On the other hand, Sanskaar feels sorry to see Swara upset.

Balika Vadhu:

Watchman informs Anandi that her daughter is kidnapped and taken by the goons. Anandi gets shocked realizing Shivam is kidnapped, and goes to find him along with Nimboli. She informs Jagya on the phone. Kundan uncovers the cloth tied on Shivam’s mouth and realizes that he is not Nimboli. When asked, Shivam tells that he is Anandi’s son. Kundan smirks and thinks if he kills Shivam then it will be best revenge from Anandi. He asks Gajraj to kill Shivam. Shivam panics and cries. Gajraj is about to stab knife in his stomach, but Anandi and Nimboli reach there with Police and saves Shivam. Anandi realizes that Shivam was kidnapped as he was wearing Nimboli’s clothes and fears for his life.


Viplav is trying hard to confess his feelings to Dhaani and making all possible efforts to make her realize his love for her. Dhaani feels his behavior a bit odd and thinks he is acting infront of the family with whom they are staying. Meanwhile Tripurari searches for them and he is under pressure to save his mum. Dasharath has send his mum Durga somewhere and asks Tripurari to kill Dhaani to save his mum, and even promises to marry her. Tripurari comes to the same place and asks the shop keeper about Dhaani. He sees Viplav there, but but before he could approach him, Viplav goes from there and gets alert after seeing their missing posters on road. There is Dulaari’s relation with the family with whom Dhaani and Viplav are staying. Dulaari’s pic will be seen in Piya’s room, and later it will be revealed Piya as Dulaari’s daughter.



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