Meera’s love confession for Dharam; High drama follows…



Gaura tells Dharam that Meera tried to burn her alive and threw petrol on her. It is Gaura’s conspiracy to make Meera and Dharam fight with each other. Meera comes to know about Gaura’s truth. She has challenged Gaura and is taking small revenges from her. Gaura sprinkles petrol on herself and then gives match sticks box in Meera’s hands asking her to burn candles. Meera takes the match sticks without knowing her plan. Gaura then calls Dharam, and Shravan and blames Meera for trying to burn her. Meera pleads that she is innocent and asks them to believe her. Dharam and Shravan trust Gaura. Then Meera plays a trick suddenly shocking everyone. Meera tells Gaura that she loves Dharam very much and hugs him. She says I love you Dharam…..She asks him to trust her. Gaura thinks she is ruined as Meera is trying to snatch her son. Gaura was acting to commit suicide, but Dharam does more melodrama than her. Dharma has punished himself. He has beaten himself with the hunter. Gaura gets the pain and did not imagine Dharam will take this step. Urmila informs Meera about Dharam. Meera goes to Dharam and stops him. She hugs Dharam and sends him to his room. Gauri cries and Vidya gets pity on her. Vidya supports Meera as Meera is right.


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