Ram to end Tadaka’s terror; Sita to admire Ram…


The Rakshasi Tadaka will be entering Ayodhya and frightening people by releasing evil bats. The new reach Ram and he leaves for the rescue of his Praja. The scene will be very intense. Ram has killed Asurs Subahu and Mareecha earlier, and this new Asur Tadaka will be the consequence for that.

Ram will be seen defeating demoness Tadaka. The demoness will be seen spreading terror and chaos in the region. Ram will be fighting with the dangerous demoness. Ram is against fighting with any woman, but he takes this extreme step as Tadaka is very powerful Asur, whom just Ram can stop. Ram shoots the arrow at the batwoman Tadaka and kills her.

Ram and Sita’s meet will be very dramatic. Sita admires Ram and wants to see him once. Sita is with her sisters and they all dance at the ashram. Ram and his brothers arrive to the hilly area. Sita sees Ram for the first time. Ram and Sita will be having a glimpse of each other. Ram has come to Vishwamitra’s ashram, where Sita is also present. They just see each other and do not meet. The destiny will have their meet later when Ram will be lifting Shiv Dhanush and become a deserving life partner for Sita.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Enp8onSWdjA]



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