Riya to support Preeti and Mohit’s love; A hit against Shanti again…


mere angne mein4

Mohit goes to meet Preeti while everyone is sleeping at night. Shanti wakes up and goes out to get water. She sees Mohit. He sees Shanti and gets tensed. He acts to walk in sleep. Shanti sees him coming downstairs and slaps him. He tells her about his problem of walking in sleep. She ties rope to his foot to limit him from sleepwalking. However, Preeti lies at home and goes to meet Mohit at the radio station. Riya goes there to meet her company client. She spots Preeti and Mohit. She also gets to know Chunnilal is actually a famous RJ, Mohit Mohir.


Preeti has run away with Mohit. The news comes on radio. Preeti and Mohit’s conversation gets recorded while they talk in the radio station. The conversation plays on live radio. Shanti hears the conversation on radio and throws the radio. Shanti gets shocked hearing their love story. She breaks radio and cries hitting her head, that Preeti has ruined their respect. Riya goes to Shanti. Shanti asks her to get away as she is very angry now. Kaushalya and Riya are shocked too. Kaushalya hits her head to the pillar and says I will die. Riya and Nandu stop Kaushalya. Shanti says why did Preeti do this, and blames Riya for all this. Shanti fumes on Riya. The neighbors hear the news on radio and come to taunt Shanti. Nandu manages them. Riya answers the neighbors and asks them to leave. Shanti gets a water bucket and throws on the neighbors. She scolds the neighbors. Riya asks the neighbors to leave. Riya knew the truth that Preeti loves RJ Mohit Mihir and now regrets that she did not tell anyone. Riya feels Preeti is not wrong, but the way news broke out to family is wrong. Riya decides to support Preeti’s love. What will Shanti do now? Keep reading.


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