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Median zing spoilers

ETRETR YVR Maha Episode:

Yeh Vada Raha and ETRETR will have maha episode. Survi and Gayatri are Mata ji’s bhakt and will be seen in the maha episode. One of their enemy will attack them. No one knows its Survi’s or Gayatri’s enemy. Survi and Gayatri are sharing their problems. Gayatri is dancing in some function and Survi has come to her. A big twist has come. A man hiding his face comes to them with a knife. Gayatri and Survi get shocked seeing the blood. Gayatri and Survi have a dance sequence, clubbed with big actions. Raj Mata will be kidnapped.


Ashok knows Shagun is alive and is after them. Ishita rescues Shagun and takes her from the jeep. Ashok will go to any extent to prove he is right. Ashok has made the goon shoot her, where she gets saved. Ashok wants to ruin Raman’s life. Ishita does the aid to Shagun’s hand and takes her. Ashok takes them leaving in the car and runs. He calls the goons to catch them. Ishita wants to take Shagun to hospital. Shagun will come infront of everyone soon.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Angoori has come to take sugar from Vibhuti. She follows him to the kitchen and takes a knife. She stabs him, while he tries to stop her. This is Angoori’s dream. She dreams of killing Vibhuti and worries thinking why are such dreams bothering her.


Bhabho has taken the right step to kill Mohit. Bhabho has got life imprisonment. The family cries seeing Bhabho getting the punishment. Bhabho has done a Mother India portrayal. The people will demand for getting Bhabho freed. The pleas will get Bhabho’s entry back. Bhabho gets sympathy from public. Daisa calls her a brave mother to be able to take this step to save Lalima’s respect.


Preeti has run away with Mohit. The news comes on radio. Preeti and Mohit’s conversation gets recorded while they talk in the radio station. The conversation plays on live radio. Shanti hears the conversation on radio and throws the radio. Shanti gets shocked hearing their love story. She breaks radio and cries hitting her head, that Preeti has ruined their respect. Riya goes to Shanti. Shanti asks her to get away as she is very angry now. Kaushalya and Riya are shocked too. Kaushalya hits her head to the pillar and says I will die. Riya and Nandu stop Kaushalya. Shanti says why did Preeti do this, and blames Riya for all this. Shanti fumes on Riya. The neighbors hear the news on radio and come to taunt Shanti. Nandu manages them. Riya answers the neighbors and asks them to leave. Shanti gets a water bucket and throws on the neighbors. She scolds the neighbors. Riya asks the neighbors to leave. Riya knew the truth that Preeti loves RJ Mohit Mihir and now regrets that she did not tell anyone. Riya feels Preeti is not wrong, but the way news broke out to family is wrong.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha adds sleeping tablet in the milk. Bihaan drinks the milk and sleeps. To Shraddha’s shock, Bihaan arrives for the Super bahu competition. Bihaan and Thapki compete well and win the first round. The round shows Thapki’s good nature and best abilities. She is asked to plough the field. She sees the ox is wounded and ploughs the field on her own, by lifting the plough on her shoulders. Thapki asks Bihaan to call a vet for treating the ox. Bihaan helps Thapki in the round and they win. Thapki feels she should not compete with her own family members, Shraddha, Suman and Preeti, who are also competing. There will be many conspiracies against Thapki.


Ritik takes his mum’s permission to take Shivanya out. His mum agrees. Ritik’s family teases her. His mum gets worried when Ritik tells her that he wants to take Shivanya to their ancestor’s haveli Devdi. Shivanya explains his mum that they will fine and convinces her. There is another romantic moment between Ritik and Shivanya. Shivanya dresses in a beautiful red saree, which leaves Ritik mesmerized. Ritik takes her out on a date. Ritik does not know Shivanya’s revengeful motives behind her love. Shivanya has bring him to Devdi to know few things, and Ritik feels they are on a holiday. Shivanya takes the keys from the servants. She hides it from Ritik. Devdi has a secret, and Shivanya has to unlock it. Shivanya will be showing more colors of Naagin.


Gaura is planning against Meera. She wants to trouble Meera and acts. She says she will immerse Karunesh’s ashes when her revenge gets fulfilled, and its time to immerse ashes now. She wants Meera to get hurt and break her bond with Vidya. Gaura’s emotional drama started. Dharam is after Meera now. Someone attacks Meera. Meera runs and shouts for help. Gopi has come to help Meera and she does not know who is after Meera. At Kokila’s house, there will be much drama as Tolu and Molu get kidnapped. Kokila feels Madhuben is responsible for this kidnapping. She starts getting clues to nab the culprit.


Simar is caught by Paatali Devi and is in her control. Paatali Devi does milk Abhishek of Simar. She puts the milk on Simar’s head and does havan for her. She will be troubling Prem. The ladies apply haldi to Simar. After this Abhishek completes, Simar will harm her family on Paatali Devi’s orders. Simar will be completely turning evil. Prem does not know whats happening with Simar. Paatali Devi has used her magic and controlled Simar. Prem does the shagun of haldi and chunri, and everything gets abshagun as per the evil track. Prem gets attacked by Simar, but gets saved by Mata Rani’s blessings. The ladies dance around Simar. Simar and her family are trapped in new drama now. Who will save Simar this time? Simar has evil shining on her face now. Simar’s sasuraal has things happening as per Paatali Devi. Mata ji thinks Paatali Devi/Gayatri is making Simar fine. Paatali Devi is doing the reverse and putting her evil powers in Simar. Paatali Devi’s dual policy gets successful, as family is unaware of her motives.

Sarojini Maha Episode:

Sara Khan has come in the show Sarojini. She has come to save Sarojini. Sara Khan will be shown in a positive role. Sara will be doing tandav to shake the world by her Rudra avatar. The tandav dance sequence will be shown in the Maha episode. There is climax where Sarojini will be in danger.


  1. how can Gayatri from pre independent era meet Survi of 20th century?? Gayatri will speak on mobile phone, go in electric train, auto rikshaw, watch news on TV??


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