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Median zing spoilers


Sarla sits on the funeral mat outside Shanti sadan while her bahu Rani throws flowers on her. Sarla lies down on the arthi mat so that her mum Shanti forgives her. She tries to emotionally blackmail Shanti to make her agree and get her forgiveness. All the neighbors looks on. Sarla knows that her family will accept her back. Shanti comes out and thought Sarla is really want to die and that’s why lied on the arthi. Kaushalya hugs Sarla and makes her eat kheer. After much drama, Shanti forgives her as she needs Sarla’s help to kick Riya out of the house. Riya will really have a tough time dealing with mother and daughter duo.

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Simar has done black magic on Mata ji which makes her muted. Simar blames Khushi for the same and asks her to leave from the house. Khushi tells that she is innocent and haven’t done anything. Simar instigates the family against Khushi as she has turned negative under Paatali Devi effect.


Bansi makes plan to hurt Roshni and to prove Sid inauspicious. Kunal reaches on time and saves Roshni from the accident. She later blames Sid and calls him inauspicious.


Vasundara asks Thapki to withdraw from the super babu contest. Thapki being a good bahu will obey to Vasundara. Vasundara wants Shraddha to win the super bahu title. Shraddha will be winning the Super bahu contest and get the trophy. Diwakar tells Shraddha about Dhruv’s first love Thapki, whom he was about to marry. Shraddha gets shocked and angry knowing this truth.


Shivanya takes Guru Maa’s avatar to save Shesha. Guru Maa changes her heart and rescues Shesha, asking her to go from there immediately. She is the one who has trapped Shesha in her magic. She brings poisonous knife from the fire and want to kill her. It is actually Shivanya who comes to rescue Shesha. Ritik makes Shivanya wear the mangalsutra and spend some romantic time. Shivanya gets moved by his love. Later Ritik comes to Guru Maa and tells her that his wife Shivanya is bitten by a snake, and asks for her help to rescue Shivanya. Shesha hears everything.


Rana ji cares for Gayatri and want to love her. Gayatri stops him fearing anyone can see them. Rana ji expresses his love to Gayatri infront of everyone. Gayatri comes to Raja Mata and they pose for family photos with Rana ji. Raj mata and Sartaj will be plotting against Gayatri. Gayatri gets injured by Raj Mata. Reshmi Desai will have a special performance in the show.


Suhani helps Gaura dressed up as a bride for her marriage. Gauri smiles as she comes to the marriage altar for marriage. Suhani is responsible in fixing the alliance. Gauri is excited and happy. Gauri accuses Pankaj for molesting her, which comes as a shock for everyone. Suhani will prove her father innocent and expose Aditya.

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Satrangi Sasural:

Vihaan and Kaira have some romance. They throw a new party party and celebrate with family. There will be new entry of Vihaan’s look alike in the show, which will bring many twists.


Gopi becomes a savior for Meera. Police comes to Dharam’s house. Gopi has called police to get Dharam arrested. Ahem beats up Dharam and they have a fight. Dharam tries to defend himself, but is caught by Gaura’s plans.


Ishani dresses as Nirbhay’s late wife. She dances infront of everyone, and this makes Nirbhay angry on Ishani. He misses his late wife and recalls her. He slaps Ishani and breaks the things around.


Sarika’s truth is exposed as everyone comes to know that Sarika has been supporting Ashok in his conspiracy. Finally Ishita’s mission is successful as she unveils her secret infront of everyone. Sarika feels ashamed as the Police comes and arrests her. The family will get to know about the helplessness which forced Sarika to help Ashok, else she would not have done this with her own family. Ishita feels scared and files complaint against her family, to protect them. Ishita asks for forgiveness from the family. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita and brings her back home with respect.


Mannu has come back in Somendra’s life. She exposes Sarojini infront of the family by pulling out her wig. The family discusses how Sarojini cheated them by becoming Suzy. Somendra has married Sarojini/Suzy again.


Swara has invited trouble in her life. She has tried to clear Durga Prasad’s name from the past link, but she did not knew this will take upon her marriage and love with Sanskaar. Swara brings Kavita home and back in Sanskaar’s life.


Bhabho has got freed from the murder case of Mohit. She is back in Rathi house. The next track will be Lalima’s marriage. Bhabho will be preparing for Lalima’s marriage.



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