Sarla tries hard to break Mohit and Preeti’s alliance…


mere angne mein4

Sarla sits on the funeral mat outside Shanti sadan while her bahu Rani throws flowers on her. Sarla lies down on the arthi mat so that her mum Shanti forgives her. She tries to emotionally blackmail Shanti to make her agree and get her forgiveness. All the neighbors looks on. Sarla knows that her family will accept her back. Shanti comes out and thought Sarla is really want to die and that’s why lied on the arthi. Kaushalya hugs Sarla and makes her eat kheer. After much drama, Shanti forgives her as she needs Sarla’s help to kick Riya out of the house. Riya will really have a tough time dealing with mother and daughter duo.

Sarla meets Mohit’s parents and tells them everything wrong about Shanti, Raghav and Preeti. Mohit’s parents are unhappy and try to find any way to cancel the proposal. Sarla and Shanti talk on phone and plan against Riya. They share the plan. Rani hears the plan and wants to fail Sarla’s plan. Rani shows the products Sarla has stolen from Amit’s agency and asks her to pay money. Rani damages the purse and Sarla beats her.



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