Peaceful moments for Akshara; Sangram gets injured…


yeh rishta5

Naitik and Akshara celebrate some good time again. Akshara came to know about Naitik’s sacrifice to shut his eyes to understand her pain. This made her come back in Singhania house. She tells Naitik that she was wrong to say he does not understand her. She requests him to open his eyes and become her sight. Whenever Akshara faces any problem, Naitik always helped her. Naitik tries to cheer her up and plans a picnic with the family. The family enjoys well. Naksh and Tara makes efforts to see all arrangements. Naitik and Akshara have a romantic dance. It’s a good outing for everyone.

Vishwamber realizes his mistake and apologizes to Naitik. Children make Akshara feel like a princess and pamper her. Naitik is glad that doctor said Akshara will get her eyesight soon. Naitik hopes for the best. Sangram doubts that Akshara is upto something. He is very scared and is frustrated. Sangram is present on the picnic and throws a big boulder towards Akshara to harm her. The boulder falls the other side and Akshara stays safe. The boulder falls over Sangram’s side, and he shouts for help. Sangram’s plan fails and he gets hurt. The families keep a friendly football match and enjoy.



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