Sita’s Swayamvar to commence; Fate brings Ram to Mithila…



Janak announces Sita’s swayamvar and sends invitation to all the Rajyas. He even sends it to Lanka. Sunaina worries for Lanka king Raavan, about whom they did not hear anything good. Dasharath tells his wives about Swayamvar invitation for Ram. Kaikeyi asks Dasharath to send an apology stating Ram is not present in Ayodhya right now. But fate has it written. Vishwamitra asks Ram to head to Mithila for the Swayamvar. Ram and Laxman leave for Mithila. While Sita was worried about her life partner, she gets delighted when Ram strings the Shiv Dhanush and becomes her prospective groom. Sita and Ram’s marriage track will be commencing soon. Ram will be accepting Sita with her immense knowledge and truth that she is Bhoomija. Ram will value Sita equally and reside in her heart. Janak happily gives Sita’s hand to Ram. Will this anger Kaikeyi, who wants to get Ayodhya throne for Bharat? Keep reading.

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