TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Kumkum Bhagya:


Aaliya was dominating Pragya and was ruling the home. That’s when Abhi loses his temper. Aaliya commands the servants to kick out Pragya. Pragya has made her plan and wanted to show Abhi and Dadi. Aaliya asks them to see what she does when anyone goes against her. Aaliya gets overconfident and says I m the new boss of this house. Pragya calls the lawyer who made the property papers with Aaliya. She shows the original papers, pics and videos to Aaliya. Aaliya tears the pics. Aaliya scolds Pragya infront of Abhi. Pragya played well. Aaliya has got exposed finally. Aaliya starts dragging Pragya out of the house. Abhi stops Aaliya and slaps her. Abhi calls police and gets Aaliya arrested. Aaliya is sure Abhi will forgive her.


A child kidnapper stops Naitik’s car and starts forcing Naitik and Akshara to drop him to some place. The goon points gun to Naitik and asks him to silently drive. When Naira calls Akshara, Akshara puts it on speaker. Everyone hear about Naitik and Akshara in problem, and takes police help. Akshara takes the baby from the goon. Naitik stops the car. The goon aims gun at Akshara. He asks for car keys and the baby Akshara has. Naitik throws sand in the goon’s eyes and beats him. Akshara gets hint of the gun by using her walking stick. She picks the gun and asks for help. She asks Naitik to say whats happening. Akshara bravely supports Naitik and throws the gun towards Naitik. Naksh reaches the place with police to save Naitik and Akshara. The kidnapper gets arrested.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha spoils Preeti ’s hairs and Suman’s face to put blame on thapki. Preeti and Suman blames Thapki. Shraddha fills Suman and Preeti’s ears against Thapki. Thapki takes the cake for Suman and Preeti and apologizes for what all happened. Suman and Preeti are angry with Thapki for spoiling their anniversaries. They put the cake on Thapki’s face and scold her. Thapki breaks down and cries. Shraddha looks on and is glad.


There is good news for Swasan’s fans. Swara and Sanskaar are getting married again. Swara goes to temple. Sanskaar throws color on Kavita, and it falls on Swara. Kavita unites Swara and Sanskaar, as they love each other. Swasan’s marriage will be grand and by everyone’s happiness. Sanskaar surprises Swara with a romantic date. Sanskaar’s parents bring shagun for Swara. Sanskaar asks for Swara’s hand from her parents and promises to keep Swara happy forever. Swara hugs her parents and takes elder’s blessings. Swara and Sanskaar get happy.


Romi hugs Rohit and accepts him heartily. Romi sings lullaby and plays with him. When Sarika told Romi about Rohit’s truth, Romi was keeping himself away from Rohit, but when Rohit cries, Romi couldn’t stop himself. Sarika starts creating trouble for Raman and Ishita. Sarika is back in Bhalla house. She shouts on everyone. Sarika’s entry will be taking Ishita’s test again. Sarika has blamed the family and claims that she is herself. She tells them that Romi left her when she was pregnant, Bhallas did not accept her, she managed all sorrows alone, her mum died in all troubles. She says they all came back to her to take Romi’s baby. She tells them that Romi’s baby died by his mistake. Ishita gives her an answer, and says Romi fought with Raman to get you accepted by this family. She counts all the crimes Sarika did, she attacked even Adi and Ruhi. She says Sarika can’t be forgiven. Sarika promises to ruin them.


Gopi prays to Kanha ji and asks him to do justice as they are going to court. Kokila is not supporting Gopi which troubles her. There is a tension in the house as Kokila and Gopi are against each other. Gopi supports Meera while Kokila supports Gaura. Kokila refuses to accept that Dharam would do such a thing and thinks Meera deserved it. The family members are confused and thinks whom to support. Ahem will be trapped between Mum and wife. Gopi hugs Meera and cries. On the other hand, Gaura scolds Vidya and scares her of tortures mother in laws do to get rid of bahus. Gaura asks Vidya to leave her house. She says Vidya is part of Modi family. Shravan stops Vidya and says Vidya is my wife, she won’t go alone. Vidya and Shravan start leaving home. Gaura stops them by using Durga. Gaura makes Durga fall off the stairs. Vidya and Shravan help Durga. Gaura will make Durga give statement in court in Dharam’s favor. Meera will be back in Gaura’s house.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi and Nimboli dances happily during Jagya and Ganga’s marriage anniversary. Nimboli and Anandi dress up as Jagya and Ganga and performs showing their love story.


Shivanya and Sesha take revenge from Shailash. Shivanya attacks Shailash. Shailash pleads for forgiveness in the temple. Ankush comes there and saves Shailash. Shailash starts doing Shiv ji’s acharan and asks them to bite him. Sesha and Shivanya couldn’t bite him. Guru Dev says someone else death is sure tonight. Tanvi will die in the show. Kabir gets scared of lizard and tries to flirt with Sesha.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle gives pillow to Kunj while he is sleeping and her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays……..Twinkle feels love for him and stares him lovingly. She takes book from his face and falls on him.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Prem has married Devika and left Simar. Prem says that he is leaving Simar and doing Tyaag. He puts garland on her photo shocking her. He says I will marry Devika. Simar asks why you are punishing so big and falls on his feet. Prem says there is a big reason behind his decision and Mata ji is backing Prem in his decision. He does her Shradd. Prem fills Devika’s maang. Mata stops Simar from stopping the marriage as she breaks the things. Prem wants to fool Paatali Devi and that’s why married Devikaa inorder to save Simar’s life. He doesn’t know that Devika is Paatali Devi and he is getting trapped in her trap more. Prem wants Paatali Devi to free Simar and wants her to be safe. Prem and Simar will be together soon.


  1. Aliya BETTER get caught this time.. I am SICK of her lame excuses and get aways all the time. They BETTER expose her and punish her. If not. Well f*ck this show


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