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Kanak planned to get Dasharath killed by Tripurari, but as fate has it written…. Kanak’s husband Shambu gets killed. Tripurari did not know Shambu was in Dasharath’s room and this crime took place in darkness. Kanak hates widows and now she has turned into a widow herself. Her anger and hatred for Dhaani does not end. Kanak does not learn any lesson after losing her husband. She burns her colorful clothes and dons a white saree, after Sushma breaks her bangles. Kanak accepts a widow’s life only to get rid of Dhaani out of their lives. After losing Shambu, Kanak’s hatred gets high for Dhaani who takes Shambu’s death as a sacrifice in her plan. Kanak scolds Tripurari for killing Shambu and threatens him of sending him to jail. Tripurari has the video recording wherein she asked him to kill Dasharath. Tripurari blackmails her and uses video for his freedom. Tripurari and Kanak still work together to stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. Kanak blames Dhaani for Shambu’s death and calls her unlucky for their family. She tells about Dhaani’s bad kundli dosh. Viplav supports Dhaani and tells Kanak that Dhaani’s kundli does not have any dosh. Viplav stands by Dhaani and is sure that Shambu was killed. Viplav is determined to prove Tripurari’s involvement in Shambu’s death and tells Kanak that Shambu was murdered. How will Viplav prove this?


The doctor has come for Akshara’s eye check. There is a good news for the family. The doctor checks Akshara and tells them that Akshara will be soon getting her eyesight. She will be able to see everything again. Elders make sweets and celebrate this good news. Later on, the moment turns sorrowful then Naman and Karishma’s cheat comes out. Bau ji scolds Naman for taknig Akshara’s sign by lying to her. Naman has got Akshara’s shares and took advantage of her blindness, which is very wrong on his part. No one imagined Naman will use Akshara’s blind state in his favor. Naman has sold Akshara’s shares to solve his business problem. Everyone get angry on Naman and Karishma. Naitik gets hugely disappointed by Naman. Naitik has got a caretaker Maya for Akshara. Maya stays around Akshara to help her out temporarily till Akshara gets her eyesight back.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki has got new responsibility. Dadi says Thapki will be flying the ancestor’s kite. Bau ji also feels Thapki should fly his dad’s kite, as she kept the Sankranti tradition of feeding homemade food to seven pandits. Shraddha and Vasundara plan to fail Thapki again. Shraddha spoils the kite and wants Dadi and Bau ji to lose trust on Thapki.


Resham and Arzoo land in Rathi house. Chotu takes Resham’s blessings. Chotu gets emotional seeing his Dadi’s best friend Resham. Resham has brought Arzoo’s proposal for Chotu. Chotu and Arzoo’s love story will be starting. </p.


Sanskaar brings Swara by blindfolding her and giving her a surprise. He brings her in a private chopper to an island type place. The love has brought Sanskaar and Swara together. Sanskaar has hugged his love. Sanskaar has showered flowers on his love and planned all this to express his feelings. Sanskaar takes the romance ahead. Swara and Sanskaar are on a romantic date at some far off place. They both dance on Gerua song. Sanskaar took permission from family and took Swara out on a date. He proposed Swara in romantic way. Sanskaar and Swara hug and spend romantic dance.


Ranveer and Ishani have a talk away from everyone. Ranveer and Ishani will be coming together again. Ranveer asks her to come back in his life, as she is his life. Ranveer is making Ishani realize not to leave her love and support him. He asks Ishani to speak up and say is there any reason for doing this. He says she is doing wrong and he will save her, if there is any problem. He passionately explains her that their love is their strength and they can face any problem together.

Dream Girl:

Ayesha played the worst game by swapping her identity with Aarti, when Aarti accidentally fell on car’s steaming engine. Aarti’s face got damaged and she got treated in the hospital. While everyone assumes Ayesha as Aarti, Raghu got married to Ayesha. Raghu did not wish to wait longer to get Ayesha succeed in his plans and asked Aarti to marry him same day itself. He did not know he married Ayesha, instead Aarti who was battling for her life in the hospital. Ayesha fooled Raghu, Manav and Karan and got Aarti’s place in their lives. Aarti turns regretting by Ayesha’s biggest deceive. How will Aarti prove her identity? Aarti will be turning revengeful on Ayesha in next track.


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