TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Kokila called Gaura and Dharam to come and take Meera. Kokila’s invitation did not go well with Ahem and Gopi. Meera locks herself in the room and apologizes to Ahem. Ahem convinces her to come out. Dharam tells Gaura that he will not force Meera to come with them. He asks Gaura not to pressurize Meera and leaves. Kokila asks Gopi to be in her limits. Gopi slaps Kokila for the first time in her life. Their arguments have gone high. Kokila wants Meera to go back to Gaura’s house. Gopi does not want Meera to go. Gopi crossed all limits today for her daughter.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni’s avatar is changed. She has become like villager. She asks Sid to leave her. She says she is Kunal’s wife. This is new twist. Sid was trying to kick out Kunal and Bansi from Roshni’s life. Roshni married Kunal. She has lost her memory. Roshni bites Sid’s hand. Roshni sees Sid and DD at the door. Roshni says I don’t know Sid and DD, I just know Kunal. Roshni is doing this, but there is some valid reason. DD slaps Shabnam and Bansi.

Qubool Hai:

Mahira and Armaan will name their daughter Zoya in the last episode. Mahira and Armaan will get married again, and say Qubool Hai for the final time. The show is ending on good note.


Gayatri spots Sartaj in market and asks him to stop. He runs away. He beats her and makes her fall. She asks him who killed Avdesh. He tells her that he was not shot by Rana ji’s bullet and he does not know who killed Avdesh.


Ranveer has come as cook/servant. He has got a new look, to enter Nirbhay’s house. He wants to save Ishani and find out the truth. Ranveer can’t bear Nirbhay torturing Ishani. Ranveer wants to know Ishani’s condition. Watchman stops Ranveer and starts questioning him. Ranveer convinces him.


Naksh has got to know that Sangram is responsible for Akshara’s state. He scolds Tara and ends relation with her. Tara gets shocked. Naksh and Tara’s heart got broken. He is angry as Tara has hidden this truth from her. He feels he has no value in her life, he is hurt as she has hidden this. He does not care that Dada ji and Sangram have hidden this. He takes this decision for her lie, as she broke his trust. Tara was fearing this to happen and is sure that Akshara will convince Naksh.


Swara’s family calls Sanskaar’s family for a small get together. Sanskaar’s family comes for dinner. Ragini’s Maasi is upto her new plan to trouble Swara. Later, Swara and Sanskaar have romance while flying the kites. Swara and Sanskaar’s kite gets cuts in the competition. Swara sees Ragini and Laksh’s romance and teases Ragini by putting mirror light on her. Laksh and Ragini have sweet moments. Ragini is mad in Laksh’s love. Swara sees Maasi going in jungle and follows her, then the kite sharp thread/Manjha gets stuck at my neck. Swara gets hurt by it and Sanskaar saves her in nick of the time.

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Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Vibhuti ji writes Angoori’s name on the wall and gets caught by Angoori and Tiwari. Someone writes bad things about Angoori. Angoori scolds him and hates him. Vibhuti says I have not done this. He tells them that he did not write bad about Angoori. Anita gets disappointed as well.

Mere Angne Mein:

Media comes at Shanti Sadan. Sarla gets to now there is treasure in Shanti Sadan. She throws celebrity tantrums and talks to everyone. The people come there to take treasure. Sarla dreams to get treasure. She gets a pot and runs. She does not give it to anyone. There is just coconut and water inside that pot, which will ruin Sarla’s dreams.


Dhaani comes to the jungle insearch of Dasharath and get a clue/dasharath’s stuff leading her to find him. She finds him with Aghoris. She manages to rescue him, and this results in Dasharath’s change of heart towards her. Kanak will be angry with Dhaani for ruining her plan of killing Dasharath.



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