Gayatri to stop Rana ji and Rageshwari’s marriage…



Gayatri is doing Rageshwari’s Abhishek by milk and flowers. Rageshwari falls in the mud and blames Gayatri for it. She asks Gayatri to do her Abhishek. Gayatri did not think she will do Dudh Abhishek of her enemy. Rageshwari is going to become Rana ji’s wife. She gets milk and rose petals for Rageshwari. This was Gayatri’s punishment, as she made Rageshwari fall in mud.

Gayatri has a plan as she wants to bring Rageshwari’s truth out infront of Rageshwari. She wants some proof against her. Rageshwari comes there and Gayatri leaves by excuse. Rana ji gets haldi applied, and his romance with Gayatri starts. Rana ji and Gayatri have cute moments, as haldi gets applied to Gayatri from Rana ji’s face. Their romance has sadness hidden in it, as there is separation pain. The track will show how Gayatri succeeds to bring out truth. Rageshwari does not know that there is a bullet in Avdesh’s ashes kalash. Avdesh’s death truth will be out soon.


  1. I find this storyline UNBELIEVABLE. What KING would allow himself to be manipulated by an evil witch like the rag????? He is one weak king….he has gone too far the wrong way…..writers are not showing a strong King. What message is being sent here!?!!!


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