TGI Friday’s Spoilers



Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Tiwari was making coffee for Anita ji and says he has prepared special lunch for her. Anita gets impressed. Tiwari flirts with her. Tiwari does not do any work in his house and is working as servant for Anita. Amma ji comes there and Anita takes her blessings. A man comes and wants revenge from Vibhuti. He assumes Tiwari is Anita’s husband. The man throws ink on Tiwari and Amma ji. Amma ji comes in between, when the man was throwing black in on Tiwari. Anita explains Tiwari why her Chacha ji was taking revenge from Vibhuti. Tiwari gets to know the revenge story.


Ishani gets hurt seeing Ranveer with Naina. It was their anniversary and Ishani misses him. She runs in the jungle, where everyone follow her. Ranveer reaches Ishani. Ishani gets attacked by the snake. Nirbhay Singh and his family looks on. Ranveer holds Ishani after she gets bitten by the snake. Ranveer saves Ishani by sucking the poison. Ishani gets saved. Ranveer spits the poison. Nirbhay gets mistaken seeing Ranveer and Ishani. He thinks they were romancing and gets her home. He does not believe Ranveer was saving her. Nirbhay scolds her and locks her in some room. Ishani makes a flower garland and cries. Ishani recalls Ranveer and their love. MATSH will be having a closure in few weeks.


Sharmishta is shocked seeing her dead Sautan’s ghost. Janki’s ghost is here. She has succeeded to scare Swara’s Maa. Sharmishta screams and faints. Swara rushes to Sharmishta. Swara asks her what happened. Sharmishta tells about Janki, who was there holding a candle. Many things are happening wrong with Sharmishta. Someone is trying to kill Sharmishta. This time someone attacked Sharmishta and bitten her hand too. Janki was a good lady, but family thinks Janki’s ghost is doing this. Actually, Urvashi is doing this by wearing Janki’s face mask. Urvashi wants to take revenge from Sharmishta for Janki’s death.


Sandhya promises the media reporters in the peace summit conference, that she will raise Indian flag on Republic day in Pakistan. Few men try to make this impossible for Sandhya and take away the Indian flag. The Pakistani men keep the Indian flag in some box and hang it to the rope. Sandhya rushes to see her country’s flag and does not lose courage. She climbs on the human pyramid and gets the Indian flag. She shows her bravery and her love for India. She risks her life for her flag. She gets this chance to raise her flag on Republic flag. Sandhya gets the flag and raises it successfully. Sooraj happily hugs Sandhya. Sandhya salutes the Indian flag and proves she has real Indian spirit.


Maya is exposed and Singhania family has made her leave. Karishma does not wish Akshara win the singing competition, as Naitik would get free and interfere in Naman’s work. Akshara wins the competition. The happiness doubles when Akshara’s eyesight comes back. The family gets glad. Naitik hugs Akshara and everyone is happy. Akshara asks Naksh to forgive Tara and Sangram.

Kaala Teeka:

There is 14 year leap in the show. Kaali and Gauri have grown up. Gauri has become a star by using Kaali’s melodious voice. Kaali is still kept in darkness and living her life as Gauri’s shadow. Kaali has no name of her own and still has contentment. When will Kaali get her own identity and come out of Gauri’s shadow will form the next track.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Raju does not believe Nandu’s innocence in the matter. Raju gets revengeful against Nandu. Raju then gets to know about the fake person sent by Raval to defame Raju. The truth of Rambhateri and Raju’s relation comes out. Rambhateri expresses her pain of losing her son in the beggars rackets. Raval fears that Rambhateri and Raju will together break his dream of building a hotel on model town.


Ishita and Pallavi get Chadda’s body in the suitcase and leave from the house. They go to some place to dump the body. Ishita goes to buy petrol. Romi sees her at the petrol station. Ishita leaves from there. Pallavi and Ishita think of how to dump Chadda’s body. Pallavi burns Chadda’s body. Ishita does not find this right. Pallavi wants to get saved and make Chadda missing. She does not want anyone to know it. Ishita cries and feels guilty. Later, she comes home and avoids talking to anyone. Ishita gets disturbed sleep and gets bad dreams being burdened by the guilt of killing someone. Raman asks her the reason of her worry.


Sesha is staying as Shivanya. Ritik hugs her and tells her how much he loves her. Ramya shouts and tells everyone that Shivanya is a Naagin and she has seen Shivanya turning into a snake. Raheja calls Shivanya and Ritik. They all confront Shivanya (Sesha in actual) and Ritik dismisses this nonsense. Sesha worries as the family gets doubtful on her. Her truth does not come out as Ritik comes to her rescue. Ritik ends the discussion and says Shivanya is my wife, and I can’t bear any blame on her. He blindly loves Shivanya. Raheja gets an idea to solve this mystery. Raheja wants to know whether Shivanya is really Naagin. Yamini calms down Ritik. Raheja does not share his plan with anyone. Sesha feels glad seeing Ritik’s true love for Shivanya, and realizes the power of love.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Sarla scolds Pragya for falling so low and calls her a bad daughter. Pragya cries. Sarla says how she raised her daughters by difficulties. Sarla felt Pragya took Abhi’s property and now wants her marriage hall too. Pragya was not telling truth to her Maa, but Purab told Pragya’s truth to Sarla. Pragya broke her silence finally. Sarla asks Pragya why did she not tell this before and hugs Pragya. They sort out the misunderstandings. Pragya has won her Maa’s trust again, and all misunderstandings got cleared. Pragya now plans to end Tanu’s game, she will go to any extent for her love and not let Abhi and Tanu’s marriage happen.



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