TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Ritik gets shocked seeing Shivanya dancing on Naagin tune played by snake charmer. Shivanya gets flowed hearing the music and dances like Naagin. Guru Maa asks Ritik’s dad to keep magical ring on Shivanya’s hand and see her changing to Naagin. Everyone is shocked. She keeps magical ring on Shivanya’s hand and says she will come in her real avatar, but nothing happens as such. Later Sesha is in disguise of Shivanya. She romances with Ritik during their 3 months anniversary. Ritik gets closer to her and hugs her. Sesha stops herself, but moves on in emotions. However she hopes Shivanya comes back home after recovering. There will be love triangle in the show with Sesha falling in love with Ritik.


ACP comes to Raman’s house and arrests Ishita on the charges of Mr. Chadda’s murder. There will be twist in the show. Raman have a change of heart in the show.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki have left her sasural with Bihaan. They got separated from home now and will make a new world for them. Everyone started hating Thapki now in the house. Thapki says she has done all the mistakes intentionally and tries to make herself bad infront of everyone. She wants to fulfill Vasundara’s wish. Shraddha instigates everyone against Thapki. She made her leave the house. Dadi accuses Thapki for stealing God’s mukut. Thapki says Vasundara have stolen it. Everyone is shocked. Vasu’s husband says he will not hear anything against his wife. She leaves the house after apologizing to Dadi for breaking her trust. She holds family photo frame and leaves. Bihaan says Thapki will not go alone from this house, I will leave along with her. He knows that Thapki is truthful and Shraddha is the one who is doing the conspiracy.


Swara have become spy in the night as Urvashi is scaring Sumi in disguise of Janki’s ghost. She tries to catch Urvashi. She applies gum/chemical on the floor as the plan is set in her mind. She confronts Urvashi. Sumi says she is not afraid. Urvashi says she should get afraid of me. Swara warns Urvashi to be careful. Urvashi is ready to make Swara defeated.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya goes to meet Tanu in disguise of a watchman. Pragya have become lady charlie chaplin with moustaches. Pragya’s avatar is unique and she has become spy. Pragya has taken this avatar to stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Abhi waits to marry Tanu outside the court and talks to someone on phone saying he has taken a decision in a hurry.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Happiness have returned in Akshara’s house. She can see Naitik and her family now after her eyesight comes back. She hugs her mum happily. There will be another marriage in the show. Varsha is searching for groom for her daughter Ananya. There will be grand wedding in the show. The family are sad as Naman and Karishma’s truth came infront of everyone. They came to know about the conspiracies which Naman and Karishma was doing against Akshara. Naman and Karishma were using Akshara’s blindness to keep Naitik away from family business, and were keeping the Singhania house mortgage to cover up Naman’s business loss.


Gopi was keeping an eye on Kokila and comes to temple. She asks her to take Meera’s promise and say that she has done bad. Kokila takes fake promise. Gopi slaps her and says you was wearing my Maa ji’s mask and have done insulted Meera to the core and was even sending her with Dharam. She says I have seen your high heels chappals which Maa ji never wears. She shows the tattoos on her hand and back which Kokila doesn’t have. She slaps fake Kokila. Kokila asks how dare you to slap me? Gopi says you are not my Maaji and is just wearing her mask. She takes out her mask. Fake Kokila tries to suffocate Gopi and kill her, but fails. The woman is none other than vegetable vendor Prem Lata. She eats onion bajiyas before the puja which makes Gopi doubtful. Gopi have to find out who has planted fake Kokila in the house and have to search real Kokila. Gaura and Madhuben are behind this conspiracy.

Jamai Raja:

Kunal beats Sid while his men holds him. Sid’s love is true and he came there to take back his wife and make her remember him. First he worked as a care taker in the house, Jyoti Tai and now getting beaten by Kunal. Roshni looks surprisingly. Sid stares Roshni, Kunal gets angry and beats him. Roshni has lost her memory and looks at him shockingly.



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