TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Kokila dances along with Madhuben and Gaura. Gaura and Madhuben are happy that their plan has worked. They do not know that Gopi knows Premlata’s secret and real Kokila got freed. Kokila acts like Premlata and dances with them, to get their next plan out. Meera’s heart is melting for Dharam. She runs to meet Dharam while falling over the stairs and not able to control her emotions. Gopi stops her and Meera cries. She says she wants to go to Dharam. Meera fell in love with Dharam. The love story got painful for both of them. Meera asks Gopi not to stop her today and leaves from the house.


Sandhya and Sooraj along with entire family decorate the house. Its function of Chotu’s engagement. Arzoo is going to come to Hanuman Gali. Sandhya and Sooraj fall down while decorating. Meenakshi sees their romance and disturbs them. Chotu is upset as he loves Piya. He does not want to marry Arzoo. Arzoo and Resham would be coming to Rathi house. Mahek creates misunderstanding between Resham and Bhabho. Mahek uses the fact that Bhabho does not know Arzoo is from Pakistan. Chotu and Arzoo meet for the first time.


Aradhya has got to know that she is also a KrishnaDaasi. She is very upset knowing this truth. Aradhya is very angry and her dance shows her pain. She does not want to become Devdaasi. She angrily dances nonstop infront of her mum Tulsi and grandmum. Tulsi tries to stop her, seeing the ghungroos hurting her. Tulsi slaps Aradhya. Tulsi removes ghungroos from Aradhya’s feet. Aradhya tells her that the truth won’t change for her. Tulsi answers Aradhya what she has kept hidden till now. She tells her that they are Devdaasi. Aradhya cries.


Simar has become Paatali devi. She has become queen and will torture everyone in the Paatal lok. She tortures Devika and tries to kill her by throwing big boulders on her. Simar was there to help Devika, but now she was turning evil. Mata ji throws sindoor on Simar’s statue. Simar gets out of the evil effects and back to normal. When she sees Devika wounded, she takes care of Devika. Later, Simar is shown dead. Prem prays sitting at her funeral. Simar lost her life while fighting for her family. Simar has ended all evil eyeing her family. Mata ji and Prem could not believe Simar died. Simar is made ready as a suhaagan and all rituals are done. Mata ji’s heart gets sinking. Everyone cry for Simar.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu’s boyfriend Nikhil is attacking Pragya. Pragya is in disguise of watchman and follows Tanu. Pragya’s life is in risk once again. Nikhil is contributing to help Tanu. There are many enemies of Pragya. Vijay went and now Nikhil has become her enemy. Pragya went to stop Abhi’s marriage. Nikhil gets dressed in burqa and goes to stab Pragya. Pragya and Purab were exposing Tanu, but Nikhil crosses his limit. Pragya’s secretary comes there as constable, and saves her life. Pragya asks her secretary what is he doing in constable clothes. Purab says I called him in police uniform, as Nikhil and his goons were attacking you. Nikhil and the goons run away seeing the constable.


Kavita supports Swara and shows the mask truth. Maasi got slapped by the family. Kavita was supporting Maasi before. Kavita says Maasi has used me by provoking me against Swara, but I changed now. Swara did not know Kavita is Maasi’s helper, but gets relieved to get her support. Ragini is also seen helping Swara. Ragini was worried for Swara and asks Maasi why did she do this with Sumi. Ragini shows her concern for Swara and Sumi.

Tashan E Ishq:

Yuvi has made an entry back. He has come back with his clever plans and same Tashan to ruin Twinkle and Kunj’s life. He will be bringing a storm in Twinkle’s life. Yuvraaj has returned from London and has come to create a twist. Yuvraj got a new love. He will use Twinkle’s sister against Twinkle and Kunj. He has made a plan to fool Twinkle’s sister in his love and break Twinkle’s uniting family.


Sesha brings Ritik to the temple to save Shivanya. Sesha as Shivanya runs inside the temple, while a huge python follows them. Sesha throws something on the snake to get rid of it. Sesha brings Ritik to do Shiv puja, as Shivanya is battling for her life. Sesha becomes Guru Maa and tells Ritik to do puja with Shivanya, else the Naagin will not die and kill his family. Ritik gets convinced by Guru Maa (Sesha in disguise). Ritik does not know Sesha has come as Shivanya. Sesha throws stones at the python, who gets after Ritik. Sesha has done all this planning. Sesha wants to save Shivanya’s life. The huge python swallows Shivanya. Sesha panics and wants to free Shivanya from the python.

Jamai Raja:

Kunal is beaten up and got his torn clothes. Roshni tells Jyoti Bai that someone has come to snatch the jewelry and I feel bad that Kunal got beaten by goons, its abshagun for me. The engagement drama is going on, the engagement ring is snatched from Roshni. Sid is happy with this drama and enjoys Kunal’s state.


Ishita is shifted to jail. She cries and misses her family. She shouts to get some help. She asks requests the constable to let her meet Ruhi once. Ishita senses Ruhi is in danger and is shouting for help. Ruhi has high fever and is trauma recalling the terrorists incident. Ruhi calls out Ishita and her call reaches Ishita’s heart. Ishita requests Abhishek to let her talk to Ruhi once, as she feels Ruhi is in some problem. Ishita is out of police station and is jail. She is out of Abhishek’s control now. Abhishek decides to help her by any means. Ishita faces more problems in jail by the lady inmates.


Dhaani shares with Viplav whatever Tripurari told her. Later Viplav makes a plan to expose Tripurari and sends an insurance agent to his room. He takes his sign on the papers and gives it to Viplav. Viplav looks at the papers. He thinks it will be his first step towards getting justice for his father Shambu, and will get the guilty punished.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki tells Bihaan that she can’t take bath and do puja today. She gets worried and shares her problem. Bihaan makes a small bathroom for her near the stable for her ease. He works hard and fits the wooden partitions for her. He could not fit a door, and asks her to take bath, wherein he will guard her. He makes Thapki do puja and aarti, to make everyone miss Thapki. Bihaan wants Thapki’s memories to earn a place for her back in home again.



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