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Simar’s soul have returned to earth from Paatal Log, and tells that she is back, but the twist is Simar’s body is taken for the last rites. Nobody could hear Simar as she is soul. Simar cries and says if they burn her body then she won’t be able to return in their life again. Simar gets shocked as Prem gives fire to the dead body. Roli cries hugging Sid. Simar asks them to stop and says she is back. Prem feels Simar’s presence and says she is here while his dead consoles him. Simar is left shocked and sits near the burning body. Actually, Jhanvi have changed Simar’s body with a dead body, and this will help Simar return to her body. Simar has come back from Paatal lok. Her soul is back in her body. She meets her family. She hugs Prem and Mata ji. They all get glad that Simar has come back. Simar has come back on Anjali’s birthday and fulfills Anjali’s wish to meet Simar. Simar apologizes to Prem.


Shanti is scared today and have worn ghunghat as Shanti’s brother in law have come home. Shanti takes care of him and gets scolded by him. She is cooking food infront of him and also cleaning the utensils. Shanti gets irked as Dadda ji scolds her. Riya and her mum in law Kaushalya wear pallu on their head and come infront of him. Riya thinks Shanti and Dadda ji might team up and throw her out of house.

Jamai Raja:

Siddharth fights with the goons and saves Roshni. She beats the goons like Chachi 420. Jyoti Tai have come as Chachi 420 and beat goons. The goons fall on the ground. Roshni is surprised to see Jyoti Tai beating the goons. Some goons teases Kunal and Roshni, but Jyoti Tai beats the goons, and Sid proves his love for Roshni. Sid has impressed Roshni while Kunal is shocked to see Jyoti Tai beating goons badly.


Ranveer keeps gun on his head and makes Ishani confess her love for him. Their Aashiqui have blossomed again. Ishani hugs him and cries. Ranveer and Ishani clear the misunderstandings between them. He is about to commit suicide and keeps gun on his head. Ishani says she will tell him truth and asks to keep the gun down. Ishani admits that she has done sacrifice for him and stayed with Nirbhay for him. She confesses everything. Very soon MATSH will go off air and it will be a happy ending.


Somendra dances with some girl and does weird things. Somendra really changed, else how can he insult his madam ji Sarojini infront of people. Somendra’s family kept party as Somendra came back, but this man is actually Somendra’s lookalike Munna. Sarojini realized someone planned to kill Somendra. Bijli came to dance with Munna. She is invited by Tadaka Bua. The jhumar falls on Somendra by the conspiracy and Sarojini saves him.

Taarak MKOC:

Taarak and Jethalal see the men fighting on the road. They go to stop the fight, and get beaten up badly by the men. The police comes there and arrest Taarak and Jethalal as well. Jethalal and Taarak explain the situation where they went to stop the fight. Police makes them sit in the van and takes them to police station. They both have tough time in lockup, and pay big cost for doing a humble deed.


Arzoo’s haldi is going on. All the rituals are happening grand way. Bhabho wants to make Chotu’s marriage memorable. Bhabho applies haldi to Arzoo. Rathi family does not know Arzoo is from Pakistan. Meenakshi makes Arzoo sit in a floral cradle. Meenakshi, Sandhya and Emily apply haldi to Arzoo, and bless her. Sooraj doubts on Arzoo’s identity after talking to her. He recalls how he met the Pakistani girl who helped him in market. He doubts that he met Arzoo there and shares this doubt with Sandhya. Arzoo looks gorgeous, and everyone feel Chotu is very lucky.


Dharam sits on the road crying for Meera. He is lost seeing Meera’s pic and does not see the truck coming towards him. Dharam gets hit by the truck and gets injured. Dharam and Meera are madly in love. Dharam is sure of his love and knows Meera will come back to him one day. Dharam gets wounded and calls out Meera. Dharam’s accident news reaches Meera. Gaura comes there and rushes Dharam to hospital. This twist will unite Dharam and Meera. Meera prays for Dharam and gets him back from death by her mannat.


Kavita backstabs Swara by cheating her. Kavita makes Swara unconscious and drags her to the room. She locks Swara in the cupboard. Kavita and Maasi are doing this together, to stop Swara’s plan to expose Maasi. Swara shared the plan of exposing Maasi with Kavita. Kavita wants to fail Swara’s plan, but Swara is not foolish, Kavita does not know that Swara has backup plan. Ragini is supporting Swara. Ragini will help Swara in exposing Maasi and Kavita. Maasi and Kavita want to stop Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage from happening. Will Maasi kill Sharmishta for her revenge?

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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Raju is unable to forget the insult Rashmi and he faced by Nandu’s molestation blame on Raju. Raju now wants to take revenge from Nandu by breaking her heart. Raju and Nandu became best friends as he is pretending infront of model town. Raju now makes Nandu fall in love with him, and thinks are working in his favor. His over concern and sweet behavior are making Nandu fall in love with Raju. Though, Nandu does not want to accept the fact, but she has really fallen in love with Raju. Rambhateri is happy to see love blossoming between Raju and Nandu. None knows Raju’s devious plans than Raval. Nandu confesses love to Raju, and hopes a lovely future. Their love story started and will be seen in next track.


  1. some should give a tight slap to the writters because he is crossing his limit how can one do something like nastik ( those who donot believe GOD and his presence ) please stop this serial or kill dharam or meera

  2. Directors of SNS have lost sense..I think the directors of SNS also lead their life the same way aa shown in SNS..relationship with ppl who are double their age..or relationship with their father in law ..or the elder ppl marrying daughter in law..may be they do all these in their lives and so they are showing the same in SNS…bloody directors..Raskals of russia..fool of an ass..Idiots of India..showing all immoral stories juat for their cheap of them!!!!


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