Gopi’s behavior changes; Dharam and Meera unite…



Dharam sits on the road crying for Meera. He is lost seeing Meera’s pic and does not see the truck coming towards him. Dharam gets hit by the truck and gets injured. Dharam and Meera are madly in love. Dharam is sure of his love and knows Meera will come back to him one day. Dharam gets wounded and calls out Meera. Dharam’s accident news reaches Meera. Gaura comes there and rushes Dharam to hospital. This twist will unite Dharam and Meera. Meera prays for Dharam and gets him back from death by her mannat.

Gopi shouts that she has gone mad and is losing temper. She breaks the things at home and tells Ahem that she has lost her mind. Gopi pushes Kokila and Ahem stops Gopi. Ahem tries to calm her down. Meera has gone to her inlaws. Gopi has sent Meera to Dharam forever, by obeying fake Kokila/Premlata. Gopi feels she is a bad mother to leave her daughter with enemies. Premlata laughs seeing Gopi’s madness and gets new idea to make Modi family dance on her fingers. Premlata blackmails Gopi about Kokila’s life. Gopi is unable to do anything, and is panicking.

Hetal comes to Gopi’s room and brings food plate. Gopi beats Hetal and holds her hairs angrily. Hetal couldn’t figure out what has happened to Gopi, as she behaves as if some ghost entered her or as if she has gone mad. She asks Hetal to shout. Prem Latha aka fake Kokila enjoys. It is unbelievable for family to see obedient Gopi doing such a thing with Hetal. Kokila is kept in the basement of Modi house. Fake Kokila goes to her and teases her. Meanwhile, Gaura thought to make Meera fall and kept wooden toy on the stair, but Dharam saves her on time and holds her in his arms. He gifts her wooden heart starting a new love story. Meera gets touched by his gesture.


  1. Love Dharam and Meera. She’s been so stupid lately hope she starts to test him well and show him love soon. Want Durga and Shravan mess to be sorted ASAP.


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