New Twist: A love triangle to blossom in Naagin…



Anaconda’s entry in Naagin show will add more interest. The anaconda attacks Shivanya, while she is already wounded. She calls out Shiv ji. She is trapped by the anaconda. Shivanya was heading to Shiv ji temple and met her new enemy, who trapped her. Shivanya will win this fight with the anaconda too by Sesha’s help. Guru ji tells Sesha that a love story of human and Naagin started. Sesha thinks how will Shivanya take revenge then, and she shall stop this now.


Ritik gets romantic with Shivanya and dances on a popular song. Shivanya asks him why he gets romantic again and again and stares at him to scare him. She scolds him for drinking wine and getting close to her. She says why you are crossing limits and reminds of their friendship relation and nothing much than that. Ritik gets angry and throws the stuff in the room. Actually Ritik decorates the room to give her surprise, but Shivanya shocks him with angry words. Sesha is trying to make Ritik hate Shivanya, and that’s why she has taken her avatar and scolded Ritik. Later, Shivanya takes care of Ritik as he gets ill and be with his side. Sesha falls for Ritik and keeps Shivanya away. Will Sesha and Shivanya become enemies now? Keep reading.

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