Awaited leap and much more lined up in Udaan…



Chakor is locked in the storeroom and Bhaiya ji tells everyone that he will kill Chakor the next day. With this announcement, Kasturi prays for Chakor’s life. Girja goes to help Chakor and asks her to run away. She makes Chakor escape, while Bhaiya ji’s goons catch Chakor again. Bhaiya ji orders his men to throw Chakor in the pit and kill her. Kasturi begs Bhaiya ji to let Chakor free. Chakor believes Lord will send some savior for her and Bhaiya ji can’t harm her. Chakor does not leave from there and faces Bhaiya ji bravely. Ranjana explains Vivaan the reason she married Kamal Narayan. Vivaan stays annoyed with Ranjana and misses Manohar.

Arjun gets to know about Chakor’s state, and decides to save her. Arjun takes Chakor away in nick of the time. Chakor refuses to leave her family and go away from Aazaadgunj. Suraj asks the goons to find Chakor and Arjun, and get them back at any cost. Chakor tells Arjun that she will go flee like a coward and will protect her family. Arjun tries explaining her the tense situation, and hits Chakor with a stone to make her faint. Arjun takes Chakor with him back to Lucknow to save her life and future. The show is heading for a leap, wherein Chakor will be seen as a running race champion, who is determined to end Bhaiya ji’s bandhua tradition in Aazaadgunj.


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