Twists and Turns after Munna’s death in Zee’s Sarojini



Sarojini runs to save her life from Tadaka Bua. Sarojini hides in the small village and thinks she won’t be caught by Bua now. However, Bua’s goons catch Sarojini. Tadaka Bua kidnaps her. Bua takes Sarojini along her, while Sarojini struggles to run away.


Somendra and his look alike Munna have a fight, while Somendra was being moved from the jail. Munna and Tadaka Bua stopped Somendra’s van in the way. Sarojini struggled to save her Somendra. Tadaka Bua gets worried seeing the fight between Somendra and Munna. She aims the gun at them. Sarojini gets shocked as Tadaka Bua shoots. Somendra and Munna fall down in the river with blood on their clothes. The bullet touches Somendra’s hand while he moves away, and then bullet has hit Munna. Sarojini shouts on Tadaka Bua and beats her. The constable stops Sarojini.

Somendra comes out of the water and sees Munna lying on the shore. Munna died and Somendra changes the clothes after winning the death game. He wears Munna’s clothes to get saved from Tadaka Bua. Sarojini is crying and does not know truth that Somendra survived, but Somendra has win the game and has to win his love Sarojini now. Keep reading.


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