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Ram and Sita’s shubh Vivaah happened and then Sita’s bidaai. Ram-Sita reach Ayodhya in a beautiful grand cart, along with the other couples. Dasharath ad his queens, along with Ayodhya Praja happily welcome the four newlywed couples. Sita is very happy to see her inlaws. Sita and her sisters greet their mothers in law. They get very happy seeing entire Ayodhya welcoming them by showering flowers and immense love. Dasharath is also happy seeing all his four sons and vadhus.

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Bhabho and the family ask Arzoo to serve the kheer. They are at some Dharamshala and take the Bhoj. Bhabho makes the kheer. The Rathi family eats the kheer made by Arzoo, and like it a lot. Bhabho asks Arzoo to give more kheer to Chotu. Bhabho does not know how Arzoo made such tasty kheer without asking her. Bhabho has got Arzoo and Chotu here in Dharamshala as part of their traditions to get newly weds there. Everyone think Bhabho made the kheer, but Bhabho tells them that Arzoo made the kheer. Chotu and Arzoo have a silent eyelock romance. Chotu loves Arzoo’s innocence. Sandhya and Sooraj want to send Chotu and Arzoo on honeymoon. Sooraj passes the tickets to Sandhya. Sandhya knows Arzoo can’t go out of Pushkar, and gets desert safari tickets so that Arzoo and Chotu can spend some time.

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Viplav and Dhaani have secret romance. They got married and have hidden this truth for few days. They are hiding and meeting. Viplav romances with Dhaani by teasing her in his naughty ways. A twist breaks their romance and upsets Dhaani. Viplav gets a Raj’s call and Dhaani gets tensed. Dhaani starts crying. Viplav asks her the reason of her worry and hugs her. Dhaani knows Raj Awasthi, and this will bring a big twist in the show.


Its Kavya’s Mu Dikhai, and she calls the media there to give statement against Annapurna. Reporter says Kavya blames Laksh’s mother for domestic violence. She says Annapurna has beaten her. Swara comes there to save Annapurna. Swara says Kavya is lying, her family can’t do this. Annapurna gets arrested by police. Laksh and everyone get shocked seeing Kavya’s true colors. Laksh starts valuing Ragini and realizes his mistake to ditch Ragini.

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Deepak decides not to get Dhara married to Mihir right now, as she has to continue playing cricket. Dhara gives her nod for marriage and Baa gets a mahurat as well. Deepak refuses to keep the marriage within a month and this creates a conflict between Baa and him. Mihir visits Dhara’s house and asks Deepak for his decision. Dhara convinces Deepak that she can’t let him fight more with Baa now, and is ready for marriage. The second innings in Dhara’s life has started.

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Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant:

Rajni is super efficient like Rajnikant. Shaan gets mesmerized seeing Rajni dressed in a saree. Shaan knows his marriage will be delayed as Amrish wants a Punjabi bahu, and Surili wants a Bengali bahu. Rajni attends the party with Shaan and Dev. While Shaan’s brothers and Bhabhis dance, Rajni whistles for them. Shaan controls Rajni.


After 10 years struggle, Chakor takes a step to get Bhaiya ji arrested. Suraj assures Bhaiya ji that police and enquiry officials will not be able to get any evidence against Bhaiya ji. Kasturi cries and tells Chakor that Imli has changed a lot. Imli is working for Suraj now. Suraj and Chakor get into an argument. Imli sides with Suraj and stops Chakor from hurting Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that Imli is very much loyal to him. Kasturi gets angry with Imli. Chakor informs Kasturi that there will be enquiry in the village against Bhaiya ji. She tells Kasturi that investigation officers will be coming to find bandhua truth.

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Raman gets angry on Ruhi. He scolds Ruhi and asks her not to misbehave with Niddhi. Ruhi says I will not stay with you and hates Raman. Bala asks Raman to calm down. Raman scolds Bala and says this is my house, I will stay with anyone, who are you to tell this. Ruhi gets angry and leaves. Niddhi will break to Ruhi that Raman has got Ishita killed. When Ruhi knows that Raman has killed Ishita, what will she do?

Bhabhi ji GPH?:
Angoori dances for Vibhuti and shocks him. Angoori has danced in full spirit. She is in some magical spell. Vibhuti does not know the reason why Angoori is romancing with him and is left shocked. Angoori then dresses in beautiful saree and surprises Vibhuti.


Rageshwari dances for Rana ji, and tries to woo him by her beauty. She calls Gayatri there. Gayatri gets shocked seeing Rana ji and Rageshwari. Rageshwari breaks Gayatri’s heart making Rana ji completely against Gayatri. Gayatri sheds tears.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dadi, Balwinder Bau ji and entire family like the idea of having a special member in the party. They all enjoy the presence of the human-sized teddy bear at the party. They do not know that its Thapki. Bihaan gets suspicious as he notices that Thapki is wearing the same socks as the teddy bear wore. He then hears Thapki’s hiccups and sees the teddy having food. He realizes Thapki is the teddy. Suman feels bad for Thapki and asks her to remove the teddy costume. Thapki refuses to do so. A kid takes a liquor filled chocolate and Shraddha tries stopping the kid from eating it.

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