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Naira gets kidnapped and the Singhania family breaks down knowing this. Akshara sees the breaking news of the kidnapping gang doing rounds in the city. The reporter tells about the young girls getting kidnapped. Akshara gets shocked seeing Naira’s photo in the breaking news and cries for Naira. Naira is kidnapped by the psycho lover Tarun.


Ruhi breaks her relations with Raman and finds herself very lonely. Shagun takes care of Ruhi and Adi, and feels disgusting seeing Raman. The family does not know the truth behind Raman’s doings and started hating Raman. Raman gets against his family for Niddhi’s love.


Sandhya gets some documents from Arzoo’s purse. She finds out that Arzoo is working for some terrorist gang and is shocked. Arzoo too learns that Sandhya has found out her truth and gets alert.


Ram and Sita reach Ayodhya. Sumitra says Praja is so happy to see their Yuvraaj Ram. Dasharath says not Yuvraaj, he will be soon crowned as the king of Ayodhya. Kaikeyi gets shocked hearing this and gets fuming. She says none can become the king, except her son Bharat. She says Raj Abhishek will be done of just Bharat. A new Adhyay is starting in the show with Vanvaas track.

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Durga and Meera fall down as the sugar syrup bowl fell on the former. Meera doesn’t shout at Durga, as she has become soft. Gaura scolds them. Kokila has kept puja at home. Meera is sure that Gaura is behind the conspiracy and that’s why she called Meera and Vidya home. Madhuben gets alerted as Kokila doubts on her. Kokila is waiting for the time to expose Madhuben.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Janki Devi brings dhol to Akshay’s house, and tells that she has fixed his marriage. Kajal is celebrating Akshay’s birthday then. Sakshi insists to talk to her Papa. Raunaq talks to Sakshi as Akshay. He still loves Kajal. Kajal says she fell in love with Akshay after their marriage and will stay as his wife only. She says she is having only friendship with Raunaq. Raunaq proposes Kajal and tells her that he still loves her. Kajal refuses to his proposal.



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