Flashbacks, Suspense and IshRa’s emotional union in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…



Ishita’s action scene will be shown in flashback. After pushing Ishita down the cliff, Raman also jumps down the cliff to save Ishita. Ishita falls in the lake, and Raman gets her out of water. Ishita gets an envelope which has address of the warehouse where she has to stay. After the flashback, Ishita and Raman’s union will make the viewers glad.

Raman and Ishita have met after long time. Raman gets hurt and reaches Ishita. Raman cries and Ishita stores his tears. Ishita is alive and safe with Raman’s support. Their love will always be there. Raman is acting with Niddhi. Raman cries and tells Ishita that he is fed up of doing this acting. Ishita asks him to continue the acting and pacifies him. Raman has planned all this, and it will be revealed in upcoming twists. Raman speaks out his pain and tells about Ruhi’s suffering. He says my siblings don’t even see me now, Ruhi hates me, my parents have disowned me. He cries as Bhalla family is breaking. Raman is bearing all this just to save Ishita. A very sweet moment between Raman and Ishita will be seen.

Raman is broken, as the family is treating him badly because of Raman’s acting. Raman wants that chip from Niddhi so that she can prove Ishita innocent. Raman tells Ishita about Niddhi and his past. He tells Ishita that Mrs. Bhalla took Raman’s relation for Niddhi 12 years ago, and that time Raman was mad about Shagun. Raman refused to marry Niddhi and married Shagun. Niddhi was not glamorous that time. She was a simple middle glass girl. She accepted the rejection, but Niddhi turned revengeful as her father committed suicide by Raman’s rejection for Niddhi. Niddhi then climbed stairs of success and now took advantage of this situation to get Raman back in her life. She has trapped Ishita by hiding that evidence chip. Ishita is staying at a small warehouse with no necessities. Its Raman’s love which is giving her strength. Well, finally all the drama behind Ishita’s disappearance got revealed. Keep reading.



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