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Raman and Ishita have met after long time. Raman gets hurt and reaches Ishita. Raman cries and Ishita stores his tears. Ishita is alive and safe with Raman’s support. Their love will always be there. Raman is acting with Niddhi. Raman cries and tells Ishita that he is fed up of doing this acting. Ishita asks him to continue the acting and pacifies him. Raman has planned all this, and it will be revealed in upcoming track. Raman speaks out his pain and tells about Ruhi’s suffering. He says my siblings don’t even see me now, Ruhi hates me, my parents have disowned me. He cries as Bhalla family is breaking. Raman is seeing all this just to save Ishita. A very sweet moment between Raman and Ishita will be seen.


Mahadev has come to bless Simar. Mahadev has given his darshan to Simar, while Simar prays to him to get free of the ghosts. Mahadev blesses her to solve that ghosts matter. Simar dreams that Mahadev wants to help her and guide her. Simar has hope that everything will be fine. Roli and Siddhant have an argument, all because of the ghosts. Shivratri episode will be airing this track. After Mata ji, Siddhant has got affected by the ghosts. He scolds Roli and asks her not to dominate him. He holds her neck. Ghost Suganda asks Siddhant to leave Roli. Simar climbs up to the window to save Roli.

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Kumudini got Shiv ji’s Prasad on Shivratri. Aryan dances in the function. Aryan and Aradhya drink the Bhaang Prasad and they both are dancing. Anita and Shakti Arora make an special appearance. Kumudini has also consumed bhaang, and starts telling something to Aradhya. Aradhya does not understand anything. Kumudini’s funny side will be shown. Aradhya sends Kumudini to home. She gets into an argument with Aryan. They have hatred between them, and the love story did not form till now. Munim ji did the plan to make Aradhya drink bhaang, but Aryan was saving her. Aryan drinks the bhaang. But Kumudini consumes it too. Aradhya will be coming face to face with Pradyumna when she has to do Maha aarti with Kumudini. There will be much drama. Aryan does the Maha aarti, and Pradyumna stops Aradhya.

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Bihaan has to run his home and prove his love for Thapki. Bihaan has become wrestler Badshah. He goes for the big match and enters the wrestling ring. His competitor is tough this time. Thapki comes there and supports Bihaan. The cage is locked and the winner will be allowed to come out. Badshah Bihaan will be facing the champion Lukka. Bihaan is doing this to earn money. The fight sequence is interesting to see. Bihaan has to earn 10000rs in one night, this street fight is the only way to earn money.


Swara goes to bus stand to stop her family from leaving. She holds Shekhar’s feet and apologizes to him. She asks him not to leave from the city. She tells him that she is supporting her inlaws, by his moral teachings and good values. She requests him not to go away, and Shekhar gets leaving. The bus leaves from there, and Swara gets surprised seeing all the family members there. Shekhar hugs Swara and Ragini, and has forgiven Swara. There is an emotional moment between father and daughters. Swara comes to know that Kavya had planned Shekhar’s accident. Later, Sanskaar gives a golgappa party to Swara. Swara likes the surprise and hugs Sanskaar with love. They feed panipuri to each other. Sanskaar gets this idea at midnight and Swara gets very happy.


Raja Awasthi spots Dhaani on MahaShivrati. He gets shocked seeing Dhaani with Viplav. Raja tells Viplav about Dhaani. He hints to Viplav that his brother was killed by Dhaani. Viplav gets to know that Dhaani is the one whom Raja is trying to find.


Imli stops Chakor from getting the letter from sports ministry. Suraj has ordered Imli to keep Chakor away for some time. Imli acts good to Chakor and then deceives her. Chakor misses to get that letter. She gets shattered realizing Imli has cheated her.

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Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya romance through their eyes. Bolna mahi bolna……….. plays in BG. Abhi and Pragya have a romantic dance. They both talk via eyes and a slow romance will be shown. They fight a lot when they talk, when they get silent, they just speak love by their eyes, their love is going through a strange phase. Abhi is convincing Pragya for divorce. He asks her why is she crying, and what to do to convince her. He asks shall I sing or play music. Pragya does not say by words, but her tears are saying everything.


Rana ji and Gayatri meet again. Gayatri has become Savitri, her looks changed, but her love for Rana ji is still the same. Gayatri has taken an entry in the Raj mahal as Savitri. Gayatri shows her tashan to Rana ji, by saying filmi lines. She has also come in Rageshwari’s eyes. Rana ji has used many weapons till now in the show. He was beating some servant with hunter, just then Savitri comes and stops Rana ji. Gayatri falls in Rana ji’s arms. Rageshwari does not recognize Gayatri and gets angry on her.


Suhani has been thrown in the jungle by Barbie’s goons. While Yuvraaj and family go to find Suhani in that jungle along with police, Yuvraaj fails to find Suhani there. Suhani regrets that Dadi has rejected her only on the basis of her looks and simplicity. Dadi has won once again and fooled Yuvraaj. The upcoming track will show Suhani’s makeover, and her rocking entry in Birla house.


  1. Wow muje lag hi raha tha ki jesa yeh wada raha serial me hua vese hi isme bhi hoga wow suhani naye roop me wow i love ssel i am very excited


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