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Gopi’s mum Madhuben dies. Gopi cries miserably at the loss of her mum. Kokila regrets for her death and asks Ahem to do Madhuben’s last rites. Ahem does the last rites and gives fire to the dead body. Ahem will have to take care of weeping Gopi. Madhuben’s character marked exit from the show. Later, Sona is angry and Tolu tries convincing her. The elders get Sona to the temple by kidnapping her. They all apologize to Sona by singing a sorry song. The happiness has got back in the Modi family. All the family members accept Sona heartily. They get Sona and Tolu remarried in their presence. The family blesses them happily. Tolu warns Sona not to be happy as Paridhi is coming back. He says its tough to convince Paridhi. Sona is sure that she will convince Paridhi.

Yeh Vaada Raha:

Tai have accepted her crimes and was trapped to say it all. She tells Survi that she has done all the crimes, and trapped her. Survi traps Tai to make her confess her crimes. She was pretty sure of her intention, but stayed quiet and doesn’t tell anything to Kartik. Tai realizes what she has said. She will fire back at Survi in next track.


There was a blast in Durga Prasad’s house during Santoshi Maa’s puja. Laksh gets shocked and runs to save Kavya. Kavya gets injured. Everyone gets shocked. Laksh gets mistaken and suspects his family. Actually Kavya is doing conspiracy against his family. Laksh gets his family arrested as he blindly trusts Kavya and oblivious to her real face. Kavya have opened her box of conspiracies. Meanwhile, Ragini agrees to marry on Dadi’s insistence. Groom’s family come to see her and makes her wear bangles, but something happens that makes Dadi returns the bangles back. She warns them that she will get Ragini married in a big and rich house.

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla cries and comes to kitchen to get phenyl bottle. She empties the bottle in the wash basin, washed it and added milk in the bottle. She then drinks the milk and acts to have drank poison. Amma ji panics and calls everyone. Sarla asks Shanti to promise of not accusing her again. Riya and everyone get shocked. Sarla have done this as Amma ji accused her for supporting Riya. Sarla does drama to win her Amma ji’s trust back. Preeti will run away from her marriage, and Nimmi will get married to Vyom.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni have romantic moments planned by Sid’s efforts. But kids intervene and bring them in the party. Kids sing Bum Bum Bole while the joker entertains them during the kids party. Sid looks worried and its related to the next twist coming in the show.

Adhuri Kahaani Humari:

Radhika will kill Dayan today holding Trishul in her hand. Dayan was holding Krish captive, but Radhika managed to free him from her clutches. Radhika holds Devimaa’s trishul and walks towards Dayan. Dayan gets tensed and tries to protect herself.


Malti is making Mata ji do ghostly things. Mata ji was normal a day before, but again she gets into ghost style. She is taking candle and is going to graveyard. Simar stops Mata ji and runs to stop her. Simar tries to stop Mata ji.


Raman and Ishita meet at Raichand’s house. She happily tells Raman that their work is done and hugs him. She makes food for Raman and they spend some time. Raman flirts with her, and likes her Shanaya’s look. Raman takes parathas for Ruhi. He goes home and mixes parathas with other kept in the casserole. Ruhi eats the parathas and realizes Ishita made it. Simmi tells Ruhi that Neelu made parathas. Raman smiles seeing Ruhi’s immense love for Ishita.


Abhi is back in his rockstar avatar and sings Ilahi mera….. on the stage. Pragya sees him and smiles. Pragya says its fun seeing him. Pragya looks at Abhi and cheers for him. Aaliya is also present in the concert and hides by wearing burqa. Abhi is going to propose Pragya infront of the world, as Pragya and Purab planned this.


Gayatri has come back in Rana ji’s life. Rana ji dreams of Gayatri and is disturbed in sleep. Gayatri comes to his room. He gets up from sleep and sees her. He catches her neck and says you can’t be Gayatri, who are you. Rana ji is confused, a secret plan is going on. She asks him to leave her and struggles. Lakhan comes there and gets shocked. He makes a vase fall and Gayatri hides quickly. Rageshwari comes there with Badi Rani Maa. They think Rana ji has gone mad in Gayatri’s love. Rana ji says I have touched Gayatri, she was here, I m not mad. Gayatri gets sad seeing him and leaves.

Siya Ke Ram:
Kaikeyi asks Mantra to tell her the solution to get Bharat’s Raj tilak done instead of Ram. Mantra says there is just one solution, the Kumbh bhavan. Kaikeyi gets shocked and goes ahead to Dasharath with her plans. When Sita realizes that Kaikeyi is against his Rajya Tilak, Sita gets confused. Ram tells Kaikeyi that she should have told him if this was the matter, and he would have made easier for Kaikeyi. Ram happily agrees to go to vanvaas.

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