More of Shanaya’s drama to engage viewers…


yeh hai mhbtn9

Raman and Ishita meet at Raichand’s house. She happily tells Raman that their work is done and hugs him. She makes food for Raman and they spend some time. Raman flirts with her, and likes her Shanaya’s look. Raman takes parathas for Ruhi. He goes home and mixes parathas with other kept in the casserole. Ruhi eats the parathas and realizes Ishita made it. Simmi tells Ruhi that Neelu made parathas. Raman smiles seeing Ruhi’s immense love for Ishita.

Later on, Shagun meets Shanaya and invites her for her godh bharai/baby shower function. Shagun, Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs. Iyer, and Simmi come at Raichand house. Niddhi follows them to find Shanaya’s truth. Niddhi reaches there. Niddhi doubts seeing Shagun changing her expressions. Ishita acts like Shanaya again and hides her truth.


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